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Amazing novelization of Mass Effect

This is the best novelization of any sort of existing story I have ever read. To me the best achievement of this fiction is the way it manages to bring to life the different characters. Each one of them is given the space it deserves and the time it needs to develop. As a plus, the banter between these characters is superb.

The attention given to the details is incredible. Nothing feels left out. Even the smaller "side quests" feel like important steps for the progression of the story.

Another positive aspect, is that it is not simply a retelling of Mass Effect 2: a lot of new dialogues and situations -as well as deviations from the original material- are present. These "extras" are the one really worth reading in my opinion. They add so much depth and maturity to the story without departing from the general atmosphere of the games.

For Mass Effect's fans this is a must read, and for those who are not yet familiar with the saga, do not be discouraged, you will find yourself wanting to know everything about this world in no time!

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