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Good story with tremendous potential which isn't fully realised

I don't write reviews often, I'm a reader, I read for pleasure. If I absolutely love a story, I may write a few words of recommendation, give it full marks and be done with it. But since it's book club, I'll give it a go. I feel so frustrated because it is a good story, but my frustration lies in the fact that it could have been a great story, so much better that it is. It offers so much potential, I feel annoyed and let down a bit by the author in a way she delivered it. First of all, there was so much waisted space offered in the form of lengthy monologues coming from either Jadin or Allie. I wouldn't mind if it was relevant and mattered, but half the time it didn't. At times it felt like author had set herself word target and was writing lengthy descriptions just to fill it. Besides been unnecessary, they were off putting and destructing me from the story which was why I gave writing style low(ish) score. And nearly each conversation required input and clarification on behalf of the character in charge of the storytelling. Someone has already pointed it out and I agree. One of the main subplots was the developing relationship between Jadin and Allie and I believe that LeKat failed to adequately show it. I don't know whether it's due to inexperience or she simply missed the opportunity but that is the most frustrating thing about the story for me, I would have loved if it was better shown. I mean at the beginning they, for various reasons, grate on each other, then towards the end you can see their feelings changed, but we are told rather than showed it happening, it left me a bit cold at the end. Another opportunity missed, I feel like the story could have benefited if we were given a bit of background on Jadin's story. I realise it was mostly about Allie but Jadin was as important to the story as she was and a bit of his history could have been incorporated into the narrative. I realise that people might feel like I hated the story after reading my review but I didn't, I liked it enough to finish and I don't regret reading it but, may I repeat, it could have been SO much better. As such, I feel it was a bit rushed, underthought and underwritten.

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