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I think I'm in Loooooooove

Man, this was great! I am an avid reader and supporter of every piece of LoweFatnasy's work that I could get my hands on, and this one is right up there with my favorites. Granted... very dark. Makes me wonder what's going through the authors mind sometimes. Like, twisted much? But it also makes for an amazing story, and ishues like that need to be put out there more.

I still hated that though, for Jasmine, Sam and whoever else have any experience with those themes.

But, three cheers for a happy ending, right?

I enjoyed the characters, though I don't think any teacher could get away with wearing leather to school, I thought in general that they had well rounded personality's and backstories. The past is a huge part of every character, and I could feel it present in every word they said. Though, Brion Hemsworth is still a mystery.


However.... a well done character.

Reading about Jasmine made me feel terrible. No one should have to doubt them selves, or worry as she had to. God, the entire time all I wanted to do was destroy the step-father and pulverize the Evil English Teacher not deserving to be called by name. Grrrr.

The writing has always been one of my favorite things about this author. It has always captured my attention, and smoothly transitioned me into the world of their creating. On the internet, reading fan-made or aspiring authors writing, it can be hard to find a good style that you can read. Some you can put up with, some you can't. Some you wonder why they haven't published their work yet. This writer is the bomb. Enough said.

The plot and I have a love - hate relationship. I fall in love reading the story, return to reality, and almost want to curse because no such thing could happen in this world. I'm not referring to the bad home life Jasmine had, or Sam's cruel world; or even the rape. But the ending relationship between student and teacher (no matter how close they are in age), or that such a bad-ass student-teacher with an awesome glare and good poetry would come along and fall in love with students... and he turned out to be a decent guy... damn it. Give my heart a brake!

This story is not Fanfiction worthy... because there is nothing I would ever change.

Keep up the great writing, and I hope to hear you've published more work soon! .

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