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Excellent execution, but the beginning's source is rather obvious.

I've taken two stars away from the plot because it's clear what you took most of the idea from, but I would've preferred an 'originality' segment in which that would've gotten three stars for the beginning alone and you would've gotten five stars for the plot.

Your writing style is also superb and looks extremely professional. You describe just the right amount, something tantamount to controlling chaos on the internet ripe with rivers of purple overflowing upon the river banks and flooding entire cities. Every image was clear and concise, which I applaud.

I would've given a you a four-point-five, but, I can't do that...The four-point-five is for a section where I see you need to work on describing the thinking portion of your paragraphs as well as sections of associations after the dialogue where you cut said association with a comma and another term after it.
Example: -," she said, rage in her teeth.
After studying how to write for four years, I've learned that you must never do this.
Otherwise, everything was expertly crafted and I didn't spot a single typo...SORCERY! BURN THE WITCH

You really made me feel sorry for Loki and enraged at the others for their accusations, although you should've worked a bit harder with Thor as his inaction when the 'thing' was killed and Loki reacted in a heartbroken and enraged manner only to accuse him of wrongdoings felt...sudden. It also enraged me at Thor, and not in the good way.

All in all it's a pretty good story. Keep up the good work.

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