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Sometimes you need a friend to be a Hero

Ready was a powerful tale of pain, loneliness, and hope.

Being able to see into Shana's thoughts & feelings of frustration, anger, and disdain was incredibly sad. Her imagination of how to deal with the frustrations of life was chilling, but nothing was more chilling than her fighting with her monster when he wanted to "come out".

I found it interesting that she thought Manda was "the weird girl", when that was how she was treated by so many others. Still, she didn't let that color how she treated Manda and that made all the difference. It can be scary to hope to find a friend, and sometimes you need a friend to be a hero while battling your monster.

I liked the different font and paragraphs for Shana's thoughts. It made it very easy to keep fantasy & reality separate.

Great story. (who's cutting onions here anyway?)
It's a real eye opener that should be read by adults & kids.

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