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I am an aspiring writer and world traveller. I find comfort in words and I like to read as much as I can,

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Very original idea for this topic

I love the idea of this novel. This topic probably has been done for many books and films but not this way yet. I found it refreshing. But, as a science fiction reader/writer, I get frustrated when I don't get the picture running in my head when reading books. This is what happened to your book. Too much exposition at the start (have you thought about not giving away that much info from the get go, let everything unravel as the story goes by?) And then its too less exposition as the story goes forward. Maybe I am alone in this, but I'd like to see more descriptions (to actually set my mind into the world I am reading). And ... idk, it seemed somewhat simplistic to me. BUT. At the same time, I think many readers would like this kind of story, simpler and better. So. In the end, I liked your idea, but not much of the materialization of the idea. I think you are an exellent writer though and as you grow older, you get more life experience. I cannot wait for your future ideas.

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