Suzanne D. Harper

Bournemouth, UK

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It held my attention to the last word.

I enjoy 'girl meets famous guy' stories, because they are, I feel, the modern woman's fairy-tale. This one has great potential, and it's very definitely down to the fact that the author can turn a good phrase, and make me go 'Ooh, I liked the way she put that!' The writing style is seamless, and the story flows easily. And for the first time reading anything on here, I was actually finished up to Chapter 11 (WIP stage) before I realised it. I will also confess to wanting to know more about how it's all going to play out.

If I had to be very honest, I do have a few slight reservations about the plausibility of some of the characters. There are a couple of little holes here and there, but, as this is still WIP, I'm going on the assumption that it still needs padding and editing. Once done, it will really pop.

You have a talent for writing. I can so clearly see it in the way you put things down. Do continue, because I feel sure you can make this one perfect.

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