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An addictive and entrancing experience

There are few stories that can compare to this one with its poetic style, its diversity, its amount of research and analysis, its deep psychology, its realism and also its symbolism and atmosphere that would be worthy of a Greek tragedy. Every single character in this saga is human, multi-dimensional and likeable, and I cannot help but fall for all of them as a reader. Even Tom is very complex and has his qualities, and as such, he inspires numerous and even contradictory emotions. The pride and the greatness of the Black family are the kinds of traits that give birth to legends, and despite their flaws, people find them to be a source of admiration and inspiration. It is not an easy task to write about such a family--it requires talent, writing skill and also the ability to understand such a mentality, and all these prerequisites are abundant in this story. Indeed, I believe Jo would find it of interest, and as a fandom piece that could very well become a part of canon with its amount of research and its depth, it deserves to have all sorts of spin-off and its own fandom. I definitely recommend it to any reader who won't settle for average writing.

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