Aananda Nyaupane

Kathmandu, Nepal

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Congratulations, Lisa. You made it on my "Top 7 favorite authors of all time". :3
I completely agree with Oliver8. This is like the coolest opening chapter ever. Usually, when one reading the first chapter, he decides whether he wants to read on or not. You wrote this chapter so gracefully that anyone who reads it would want the whole book.
I'm so proud that I'm friends with such a great writer.
"The darkness seemed out of the hole and engulfed the room." It literally gave me goosebumps.
Well, this story is so good I just can't express it in words. :3
I'm really waiting for rest of the book.
Please don't be an evil author and kill the characters off.
Please don't 'cliffhang' us.
You're a really great writer. Just keep it up, Lisa.
Proud of you. :)

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