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"Don't look at us, we're gay as hell"

I found this story on Wattpad when I was still coming to terms with my own sexuality. Just Juliet made me realize that it was okay to like girls and not boys. Yes, I had the two queer friends but for some reason I hid this from them for the longest time because I just didn't think they would accept me. The problem with reading on the internet is anybody can see what you read as long as they know your username. After finally coming out when said friends confronted me about how many LGBT books I was reading, I felt genuinely lighter (which I know sounds completely cheesy but so true), So this book has helped me not only with coming to terms with myself but also with coming out. It has now been two years and I still read this book constantly whenever I want a pick-me-up because that's how fantastic it is.

I think this book can help many people come to terms with themselves or even realizing that their friends are "normal". I think Charlotte Reagan is an absolutely fabulous writer who really needs to be recognized as great as she is.

Plus, nobody dies which makes it automatically better than a lot of other LGBT shows/books.


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