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Nelumbella, a very clever fairytale with subtle undertones

Nelumbella by Alize Zaide is a non typical princess story for younger readers and young adults.
The language is easy to read, but it's taut and evocative and it doesn't feel like it is written only for kids.
The subtle characters and the dash of humour will keep readers interested until the surprising solution.
The story portrayed the characters in a really interesting way and the depth in the world building and character development is impressive.
Alize Zaide has put a lot of thought into avoiding the old cliches.
I also like that the main characters are layered and subtle with a few dark spots.

Overall, Nelumbella by Alize Zaide was a pretty entertaining read and these characters and their plights deserve more time.
I really hope this becomes published and is followed by a sequel.

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