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This story tugged on my heartstrings

Overall I loved where the story was going. What I loved most about it were the characters.
You got me attached to them. It's good when you do, it'll get your readers hooked and anxious about "what's going to happen next?", keep them flipping the pages.
I loved them so much, especially Ezekiel. I was legit heartbroken and nearly cried my eyes out reading the part where he died. Died sacrificing his life for his best friend, and that led Zoe to completely fall apart which I say is incredible. Just goes to show how much these two love each other and treasure their friendship.
The parts filled with gore made my stomach turn, which is why I skimmed through those ones. (although others I actually read, it was agonising to read through Asmodeus torturing Zoe, yep I'm squeamish yet still reading this freaking story.)
There were just a few errors. The story is agonisingly long (hurts to read it on my screen for long periods of time, but reading is addicting... Soo that's "unfortunate")

Meihdir kinda disappoints me though. I didn't get as attached to him as the others. He felt like he's there for the "fanservice". Though nothing is wrong with that... I'm just stating my opinion. Sad that we didn't get to see much of Jasper cause he's dead before we knew it. (what happened to him though?)

Anyways thanks for the story. Loved the story, plot. and the characters even more. Now excuse me as I pick up the shattered pieces of my heart from the floor. I'm excited yet not so excited about finding out what happens next since a majority of my favorite characters are practically dead.

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