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Gem that needs strong polish

I am an author first, but I still try to act as a reader.

There was a lot for me to learn in reading what I've read of your story. Like the previous review, by Alex R., I really like how you've implemented a ruined mind in writing. I read the first chapter, then darted through the rest to watch how you continued to write and progress the plot forward.

For me, I would find it easier to read if your technical skills were polished. That being said, I really, REALLY think this would be an amazing story for anyone if it were easier to consume. It doesn't have to be any less jarring and tough to follow because that's the point of it all. So, if this had a really hard edit to help it shine, I feel your story could give so many people a deep view on what it might be like to live in this man's shoes and behind his eyes.

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