AMA with Erin Swan

Erin Swan is the author behind the highly addictive Sky Rider series available to read on Inkitt. Erin submitted the series’ first novel, The Rising Sun, to Inkitt’s Hidden Gems writing contest never dreaming it would lead to a publishing deal. The novels quickly became a hit with readers and Bright Star is set to be published by Tor Books, an imprint of Macmillan Publishers, in summer 2017.

Born in Lakeview, Oregon, and growing up as an Air Force kid, Erin’s writing hobby quickly grew into a passion that would inspire her to start drafting The Rising Sun at the age of 17. She currently lives in Utah with her husband and works as a marketing copywriter, in addition to continuing to work on the remaining books in the series.

The Sky Riders series transports readers to the land of Paerolia, where elves, dragons, and sorcerers roam the landscape. Frequently threatened by war, corruption, and Dark magic, Paerolia's fate rests in the hands of a select few who will shape the destiny of the land while overcoming the challenges that are set before them.

Post your questions and Erin will answer them on May 19 at 6:30 p.m. MT!


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