AMA with Lauren L. Garcia

Lauren L. Garcia is the author of Catalyst Moon: Incursion, the first installment of the Catalyst Moon series. Lauren won the Inkitt Dreamlands and her novel Catalyst Moon: Incursion will be published by Inkitt on the 22nd of July.

The story takes place in an old world where magic is new, when a crippled mage and her sentinel captor must work together to flee their painful pasts and survive a harrowing journey across the country of Aredia.

Lauren has been a storyteller all her life. She started writing down her stories at the age of twelve; two decades and over two million words later, she shows no sign of stopping. While living in various fantasy worlds of her own making, Lauren earned a BA in English Literature and married her high school sweetheart. She currently resides in North Florida with her husband, where she enjoys hiking, weightlifting, kayaking, and dancing at music festivals.

Post your questions and Lauren will answer them on July 23 at 5:00 p.m. EST!


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