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It was a great tug at my heartstrings.

The blurb at the beginning is what drew me in to read this story originally but a few chapters in and I can’t seem to put it down! The beginning of this story has a hook so good I ended up procrastinating the rest of the night just to read the entirety of it. The storyline has my feelings bobbing up and down with annoyance, anger and frustration one moment and relief and happiness the next. Sometimes, it made me want to get into the story myself to yell at Connor to just open his eyes already and REALLY see the girl that has been in love with him for ten years.

I’ve also noticed something that drew me in as the chapters progress towards the end and that is Mckenzie’s character development. And boy, do I love her! Yes, she’s a great pain in the butt at first but feeling like you’ve been abandoned by your own sister for a guy, I’d probably do the same thing too. I love how Sadie sees the bigger picture immediately and apologise for all the lost time instead of being all whiney and mopey over Connor. Sadie is such a strong character and I love that this story incorporates her this way. And Brett? He’s on a whole other level. He’s smart, cunning, sees the situation immediately and acts smartly on it. His character is also one that I learned to love along the way.

I really love the open ending of TBWKC because it leaves the imagination to us readers as to how the ending will go. I love it. It’s perfect. I wouldn’t mind a sequel either ;) if it’s in the works.

All in all, this whole story brings out so much emotions in me and I like the fact that it was able to. Whether there is a sequel to TBWKC or not, I love it either ways, Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading your other work as well! Cheers! xx

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