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Hey Alicia! Yahoo I found your story on Inkitt. This is Bao (if your wondering)...I'm running under the pen name of Lauren for marketing purposes but yeah call me whatever you want. Okay so enough of my rambling.

For those who've never read Alicia's stories, she is a fantastic author and the sweetest person in the world! Heart of Fire takes place prior to The Hobbit and weaves a magical tale of a woman named Kathryn, who develops a special relationship with the mighty dragon, Smaug. Originally, I was hesitant about reading a story which involved Dragon and Human relationships but after the first chapter I was completely hooked. I finished her story within a few days and became a fan of her works.

What I liked most about Heart of Fire was the characterization of Smaug. In The Hobbit, we know very little of Smaug and his life prior to the events of The Hobbit. What Alicia did was add new background material to Smaug without him stepping out of character and the protagonist, Kathryn, is no damsel in distress. She is a sympathetic character with a will to rival Smaug's.

Overall, the story is well written and in my opinion is one of the greatest Smaug stories out there. So if your looking for a great read. You've come to the right story because Heart of Fire will not only entertain but move you to the core.

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