I would love to do a collab, or just email me for fun. I'm going to do a bunch of fanfics.. I'm down for about anything. what i want to put in my bio is over 200 characters, so just check my wall.

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I fell in love with the idea

The idea of the book is definitely intriguing, but i feel like the author didn't put much effort into making it realistic- i know it's a just book, and I would agree, if it was something small like twilight hour being 2 hours instead of 1.5, for example. But it was major things, like brushing off rape, school nurses doing things way above their pay grade. I mean this in the most respectful way possible, and keep in mind this was Bed_of_Roses's first book. As an author, I suggest researching events that happen in your book, especially realistic fiction, where it's so much easier to spot flaws. The author has an interesting word play, that could easily make some readers turn away. Again, I'm sorry if this offends the author, and I hope someone reviews my books this thoroughly. I enjoyed the novel, and for a beginner, it was good.

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