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A nice read, something to pass time

I love the idea of the book and the plot is intresting I just feel that it wasn't fully executed. It felt like there was a straight line for this story but somehow that straight line turned into many twist and turns.

In my opinion the story was good, not my top book I have read, but for starters or anyone wanting to pass the time, this book is worth that time.

The only problem I had was towards the middle I felt like the story was getting dull, it felt too predictable and in all it felt very rushed. The story could have had more filler and more time for the characters to atcaully make a connection.

I also feel that the characters didn't create much of a connection to the readers. I wish we knew more about the dead mates so we can atcually feel a connection for when they died and atcually care. The character development could have been a little better too.

But all in all a decent read, It got my mind of other things for a while when I couldn't find a book at the time. I recommend reading it, but for me it was nothing special. Just a book that I give a thumbs up to.

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