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The Bodyguard

I first found The Bodyguard on Wattpad and since I already had a Inkitt account, I decided to read it here. Truth be told, I didn't know what I was the expect from this book. I didn't have my hopes high nor did I have them low; I was just curious. And I can honestly say, I was truly blown away by this book. The Bodyguard is a book that truly is a work of wonder. It gives the average young adult a story that one can appreciate and love.

Initially, it's about Aiden Grayson, a stubborn, womanizing CEO which deals alcoholism that must work with his new hot and gay bodyguard, Julian McAndrew, from a past fling who has taken up on making his life hell. Add in a complicated family, an eccentric best friend, a psychotic ex, and lots (and lots) of steamy romance and you have yourself The Bodyguard.

As mentioned before, I had no expectations when I first decided to read this book. Too many online books I have read before that have caught many people's attention and many times have they mostly disappointed me, but The Bodyguard hooked me right in by the first chapter. Usually hard-headed characters annoy the hell out of me, but Aiden happened to be the right cup of tea for me when I delved deeper into the book. And please, don't get me started on Julian; his hard-headed and caring persona was bound to be the complete opposite of Aiden's, but it was the type of combination that brought them together.

Just like the saying goes, "Opposites attract."

However, even though I may have enjoyed this book, it doesn't mean that there aren't flaws. Of course there are the few grammatical errors that are easily overlooked; moreover, I found to be the ending that had me pursing my lips a bit. Not that it the ending was horrible; no, don't get me wrong - I actually found it to be both heart racing and warming. It just felt a bit too abrupt in my taste. I wish it was expanded a little bit more before the conclusion. I also found the writing to be a little bland, but not to where I dreaded reading the book of every second of it. There were a few memorable quotes that had its flare and I only wish that flare could have expanded across the whole story.

For someone who is trying to expand their reading and writing, I was contempt with The Bodyguard being my first LGBT+ story I've ever read. This story wasn't about a couple who finds their "happily ever after" in just a blink of an eye. It's about overcoming difficulties and addictions. It's about making mistakes and learning from them. It's about accepting changes. It's about family, friendship, and love. And it's about how two flawed men find their happiness within each other.

The Bodyguard will be a story I won't easily forget.

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