Inkitt Badges Registry

Besides building a reputation with your reads and reviews, you will receive badges for being especially helpful. Badges will appear on your profile page.
NaNoWriMo Winner 2022
Completed NaNoWriMo 2022
NaNoWriMo 2022 Participant
Fantasy and Werewolves Alpha
Fantasy and Werwolves Beta
1st in Fan Fiction
2nd in Fan Fiction
3rd in Fan Fiction
Fan Fiction Top 10%
Final Round Participant
StoryPeak 2 Winner
Got 100 Readers in the StoryPeak 2 Novel Contest
Got 100 Readers in the StoryPeak Novel Contest
StoryPeak Top 10%
StoryPeak Winner
Grand Novel Top 10%
Grand Novel 2nd Prize
Grand Winner
Spring Flings & Swooning Over You Milestone 4 Achievement
Spring Flings & Swooning Over You Milestone 3 Achievement
Spring Flings & Swooning Over You Milestone 2 Achievement
Spring Flings & Swooning Over You Milestone 1 Achievement
Top 10% in Conman
3rd Place in Con Man
2nd Place in Con Man
1st Place in Con Man
Top 10% in Star Wars
3rd Place in Star Wars
2nd Place in Star Wars
1st Place in Star Wars
Top 10% in Vendetta
3rd Place in Vendetta
2nd Place in Vendetta
1st Place in Vendetta
Top 10% in Skybound
3rd Place in Skybound
2nd Place in Skybound
1st Place in Skybound
Top 10% in Harrowing
3rd Place in Harrowing
2nd Place in Harrowing
1st Place in Harrowing
Top 10% in Dreamlands
3rd Place in Dreamlands
2nd Place in Dreamlands
1st Place in Dreamlands
2020 Warm-up for Winter Week 4
2020 Warm-up for Winter Week 3
2020 Warm-up for Winter Week 2
2020 Warm-up for Winter Week 1
Top 10% in Fandom 2
3rd Place in Fandom 2
2nd Place in Fandom 2
1st Place in Fandom 2
2020 NaNoWriMo Week 4 Milestone
2020 NaNoWriMo Week 3 Milestone
2020 NaNoWriMo Week 2 Milestone
2020 NaNoWriMo Week 1 Milestone
Top 10% in Nevermore
3rd Place in Nevermore
2nd Place in Nevermore
1st Place in Nevermore
Top 10% in Fandom
3rd Place in Fandom
2nd Place in Fandom
1st Place in Fandom
Top 10% in Entwined
3rd Place in Entwined
2nd Place in Entwined
1st Place in Entwined
Top 10% in Reinvent Reality
3rd Place in Reinvent Reality
2nd Place in Reinvent Reality
1st Place in Reinvent Reality
Top 10% in Shiver
3rd Place in Shiver
2nd Place in Shiver
1st Place in Shiver
Top 10% in Another World
3rd Place in Another World
2nd Place in Another World
1st Place in Another World
Top 10% in Cult
3rd Place in Cult
2nd Place in Cult
1st Place in Cult
Top 10% in Reclaim Time
3rd Place in Reclaim Time
2nd Place in Reclaim Time
1st Place in Reclaim Time
Top 10% in Epic Worlds
3rd Place in Epic Worlds
2nd Place in Epic Worlds
1st Place in Epic Worlds
Top 10% in Wanderlust
3rd Place in Wanderlust
2nd Place in Wanderlust
1st Place in Wanderlust
Top 10% in Hither Thither
3rd Place in Hither Thither
2nd Place in Hither Thither
1st Place in Hither Thither
Top 10% in End Game
3rd Place in End Game
2nd Place in End Game
1st Place in End Game
Top 10% in Laughable
3rd Place in Laughable
2nd Place in Laughable
1st Place in Laughable
2nd Place in Beyond Time
Top 10% in Running Scared
3rd Place in Running Scared
2nd Place in Running Scared
1st Place in Running Scared
Top 10% in Fated Paradox
3rd Place in Fated Paradox
2nd Place in Fated Paradox
1st Place in Fated Paradox
Top 10% in Echo
Top 10% in Darkest Place
3rd Place in Darkest Place
2nd Place in Darkest Place
1st Place in Darkest Place
Top 10 in Beyond Time
3rd Place in Beyond Time
1st Place in Beyond Time
Week 4 Challenge
Week 3 Challenge
Week 2 Challenge
Week 1 Challenge
Grand Master's Award Finalist
Inkitt User Feedback
Teen Fiction Moderator
Prom Queen
Fantasy and Werwolves Moderator
Reading List Curator
Book Club Member
Weekly Teaser Award
Inkitt Ambassador
Writers Write 100 Grand Barsetter
Writing Jedi
Writers Write Halftime Hero
Writers Write 10K Distance Writer
Writers Write High-Fiver
January Warm Up For Winter Event Week 3
January Warm Up For Winter Event Week 2
Writers Write Participant
Satan's Son Bronze Reviewer Badge
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