Ricky Ncukana

East London, South Africa

My work is also available on Wattpad

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Wow. I definitely enjoyed reading the first two chapters of this book. The narrator (or rather you, the author) sets the mood and paints the setting/environment perfectly. Mostly, I appreciate the narrator's personality. Some of the character's personalities (wit and humor) are my favorite parts so far.

I would love though that when characters speak, you use quotation marks (" ") to make a distinction between narration and quotation.

I've actually envied to be able to write this kind of story. The 'wrong side of the tracks' themes. I've personally known people in my life that were sex workers (or 'call girl', as Lexington prefers) and I'm excited to see what you're going to do with this.

Thank you for asking me to check this out.

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