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Proven Amazon Top 100 Strategy

Marvin Wey
Head of Growth

Inkitt is a new boutique publishing house. Our first novel launched mid 2016, and since then we’ve published ten books, nine of which became Amazon Best Sellers in their categories. Here are our success stories:

Just Juliet

Pasted image at 2016_12_23 12_42 PM-1

Just Juliet‘ is a lesbian, YA romance novel, written by Charlotte Reagan who used the launch of the book to come out publicly. Considered by most publishers as ‘risky’ due to its niche genre, it became an instant best seller after winning Inkitt’s Swoon Contest. ‘Just Juliet’ received more than 100 5-star reviews in 9 days.

#1 in “Teen & Young Adult Dating & Intimacy eBooks”
#1 in “LGBT”
#1 in “Gay Romance”
#3 in “Teen & Young Adult Literature & Fiction”
#51 out of over 4 million titles on Amazon


Reaper’s Claim


Reaper’s Claim‘ was first written on Wattpad and had tremendous success. Simone Elise moved her work to Inkitt and her fans followed, helping her get a publishing deal. The sequel, Reaper’s Rival will be published March 22, 2017.

#1 Action & Adventure > Women’s Adventure
#1 Erotica > Action & Adventure
#1 Action & Adventure > Romance
#12 out of over 4 million titles on Amazon




Spectra‘ is a paranormal romance with plenty of steam! Ebony Olson is often praised for her ability to write sex scenes. Her 8-year-old daughter has recently started writing as well, but has promised not to read her mom’s books until she’s 17.

#1 in Action & Adventure > Women’s Adventure
#1 in Romance > Paranormal > Vampires
#1 in Romance > Paranormal > Angels
#1 in Romance > Gothic
#22 out of over 4 million titles on Amazon


I Was A Bitch

Pasted image at 2016_12_23 12_42 PM-3

I Was A Bitch‘ is a YA Romance novel written by Emily Ruben. Emily is a native French author who writes in English.

#1 in Amazon in the “YA Social Issues”
#1 in “Emotions & Feelings”
#71 out of over 4 million titles on Amazon


Aureate Spectacles


Aureate Spectacles‘ was originally published under a different name. After receiving little success, Eliott McKay took back the rights and entered the StoryPeak2 contest on Inkitt. She won, got published, and quickly became an Amazon Bestseller.

#1 in Paranormal & Urban
#1 in New Adult & College
#1 in Teen & Young Adult Paranormal & Urban
#80 out of over 4 million titles on Amazon


Esper Files

Pasted image at 2016_12_23 12_42 PM-2

Esper Files‘ is a Sci-Fi, superhero novel written by Egan Brass. Although he’s published several other novels under a different pen name, this is the first time he has received a best seller ranking on Amazon.  The sequel will be released in January 2017.

#1 in “Steampunk” on Amazon




A4 Copy

Caged‘ is a psychological thriller with supernatural elements written by Indian author Onaiza Kahn. Onaiza serialized her novel throughout Inkitt’s StoryPeak Novel Contest until she eventually won.

#1 on Amazon in “Asian American”


Three Fat Singletons

A4 Copy (1)

It took over 10 years for JM Bartholomew to complete her novel ‘Three Fat Singletons‘, as she was basing the plot on events in her own dating life.

#1 in “Satire”
#1 in “Humor & Satire”
#1 in “World Literature”
#1 in “Humor & Entertainment”
#46 out of over 4 million titles on Amazon


King’s Lament


A4 (1)

King’s Lament‘ was co-written by two authors who met while sharing stories in an online writing community and became very close friends. They decided to post in Inkitt’s StoryPeak 2 contest to gain a few extra readers, never expecting to win.

#1 in “Gay Romance”


Catalyst Moon

Pasted image at 2016_12_23 12_42 PM-4

Catalyst Moon‘ was originally a Starwars fanfiction until Lauren L. Garcia adapted her text into an original work in order to enter one of the Inkitt competitions. She ended up winning the Dreamlands Contest and became Inkitt’s first published author. Read more on her journey to publication here.
In the year to come, we will be publishing three to four books every month. Will yours be next?

  • C T Mitchell

    Impressive results. Well done!

    • Lauren Burns

      Thanks, C T Mitchell!

  • Pon Kulendiren

    I wish to know more details about taking part in the Novel contest please email me the details Kulendiren2509@gmail.com
    I have published several books in Amamzon.com

    • Dean Raymond Boic

      Hi Pon, just go to https://www.inkitt.com and sign up. Thereafter, you can upload your manuscript and publish it on the site, then go to the contests tab and on the left hand side you will see ‘submit your novel’. Or something like that. Good luck

      • Lauren Burns

        Thanks, Dean ;)

    • Lauren Burns

      Hey Pon! We would love to see your work submitted. We actually have two contests on right now. The first is the Amour Contest for original, romance, novellas with over 20,000 words. The second is an original novel contest which is open to all genres of fiction. The winner of each contest receives a publishing deal which includes: Inkitt investing $6000 into marketing your novel, professional editing and cover design, and 25% royalties. I’ve sent you an email with more details. You can also contact me at lauren@inkitt.com with more questions, or send me your manuscript and I can help you get started with the uploading process.

      • Jeanne Felfe

        I’ve looked all over your site and still don’t completely understand all the books showing free copies. Is this somehow related to the contest judging?

  • Dean Raymond Boic

    Well done. I’m a little confused, though; a few of the novels mentioned above are competing in the current contest. Now, I’m all for authors getting recognition and publicity, but isn’t it slightly unfair for those who haven’t been published to be going up against proven bestsellers? Feels to me like I’m going up against an invincible foe here. :)

    • Lauren Burns

      Hey Dean,

      Not to worry! Past winning novels are not eligible to win again. Our published authors just like staying busy in the Inkitt community. Can’t wait to see your work submitted :)

      • Dean Raymond Boic

        Ah I see. Well, that changes things. I feel better now:) Thank you for the swift response. I submitted my novel to the contest yesterday. It’s called Tales of Kalash, Part I. My other novel isn’t ready yet, but I’ll be putting it up on Inkitt soon anyway as a WIP. Are there any prizes for runner ups? An honourable mention, perhaps? Lol

  • BlokefromStoke

    The success stories are brilliant and encouraging to read, for a total newbie who’s just uploaded his romcom THE ART OF STAYING UP THERE can you say a little more about the current competition? How is the winner selected? And what are the most effective strategies for publicising and selling your book? Are there any blogs articles up on Inkitt that could point me in the right direction?

    • Lauren Burns

      Thanks so much! We are very excited for all our authors :)

      The current novel contest is open to all genres of original fiction. All you need to do is submit your work and you are eligible to win a publishing deal with Inkitt. The winner is selected based on reader engagement levels. For tips on growing your audience and effective strategies to manoeuvre through the publishing world, you can check out our blog (www.inkitt.com/blog), and our YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEsQoqdDNVw_OTCt_Ej14yQ).

      It’s so great to have you with us!

  • Keearna Lee Westcott

    I worry a bit, because although I have been told ‘you’re good at what you do’ I don’t believe it. I’ve been writing on Wattpad since I signed up in 2013, that was a little over 4 years ago and still I have not achieved any recognition from those who’ve actually read my work. I don’t want to come across as greedy but the book I’ve published on Inkitt (Declared Dead) is also on Wattpad and won’t go past 2k reads, I know that’s already a lot but others have reached a completely phenomenal amount compared to myself. When I say I have yet to receive recognition, to me thats just comments and votes on my work, yes people are reading it but to me any criticism is good criticism, I just want someone to tell me if I’m doing ok.

    • Lauren Burns

      Hey Keearna,

      Thanks for your note! Getting feedback on work is important for all writers. Sometimes, the best way to get the feedback you need is to ask for it. There is a lot of footwork that goes along with being an author. I would recommend that you check out the Inkitt Groups (www.inkitt.com/groups) and the facebook groups that Inkitt has partnered with (see: on your analytics page) to find and ask readers to read and review your work. There are plenty of friendly readers out there who would be happy to read your work. There was also recently a story swap happening in the Inkitt Review group. Perhaps you would like to participate? Wishing you all the best!