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U need to make a part 2 and u should definitely get arlo and lily back together bc I feel like they were meant for each other. They have this connection and I'm crying bc they aren't together. Plz make a book 2 with them.😭🥺

It was as good book but arlo and lily r meant for each other. And I'm thinking make the aunt trinity's mom bc like she hates lily and amber and so it would be good and that would make lily a wolf and so she has to come back and then she and arlo get back together bc u can see he rlly loves her and that she wasnt his second choice but he just needed to realize that. I mean he loved thalia but he also loved lily and lily wasnt a rebound. I seriously need u to do a second book with them together bc I'm literally crying that she rejected him. I think that the moon woman should rejoin their connection bc it's so strong or sum. I'm so into this book and u should continue it as a series.

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