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Review- A.S.Joshi

Ms. Beth, you really need to get this book published!
I think there's only one word that describes this book best- REAL.
This book had no wannabe bullshit, no crap about fake depression that people think highschool teens tend to get...
It was real through and through. And the way you brought her character to life was again, very real.

I couldn't understand why my eyes were involuntarily watering while reading this. Then I realised that my brain had absorbed Violet as if her past was mine. I flinched when she thought of her mother and went dizzy when I read and imagined how White Shoulders smelt like.
Her struggle felt real.
Her surroundings felt real.
She felt real.
And I don't mean to brag... :)

I am really glad that I got to read this book.
May this book get published! :)

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Review- A.S. Joshi

First of all it takes a lot of courage to kill the main character... and honestly her death felt justified for the plot (I mean it didn't feel like it was merely crafted by the writer to cause a stir and chaos.) I liked that decision of yours :)
I am a huge fan of Sci-fi and love it when it is mixed with other compelling genres. This is the first review I am writing on this website and this is the first complete book that I read on Inkitt.
Congratulations, you successfully managed to capture my attention throughout the whole span of the book. Dystopia is a much explored genre and it's nice that you managed to put a twist to it.
It is a really nice book and I would really recommend you to proofread it and go through the typos and grammar errors to polish it more.
I loved the plot but I feel like genuinity from the characters was lacking a bit. I mean it's just my opinion, but I felt like you could have used more color and vocabulary to specify the feelings of characters to make them feel more human.
There are a lot of twists and it feels like they are whirring past you without a rhythm and it leaves the reader a bit confused. What I mean is in the middle of the book you kill so many characters and the protagonist is having to digest so much bad news without proper release/ breaks. Even I felt like the whole death of Koontz just whirred by without making an impact until much later when in the last scene the whole plan of the rebellion comes out.

Also about the climax... I loved it, that was the best release of the plot's conflict!
But.. 😅 I would have enjoyed a steadier rhythm.

All in all, really great book. And I really wish that you rewrite it with more calling this time!
All the best. :) :)

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