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I loved it.

This is like a deeper version of the fairy tale. There are so many details intertwined, it just swept me. The plot made sense, Vanessa's dream to see the magic mirrors, the involvement of the dwarves, her mother's progressive madness (it's clever how you reflected her hidden insecurities and how the mirrors' wish fulfilling ability made her jealous and obsessed), the singing, how it tranced animals and Rose Red.

Rose Red was funny and for the 2nd part of the story, took the limelight. I'm actually relieved that the ending didn't require Snow White to be married off. It focused on her conflict and healing in the end.

The way you describe what she went through. It was honest, real and un-whiny. I felt her fear, helplessness and anguish. I feel bad for Vanessa but I understand Beatrix' point of view.

Everybody in here is humanized. King Caspar's pain. Vanessa's insecurities. Beatrix' conflicted love and honest perception of her situation and her friends. Red's thirst for respect, ferocity and fear of control (from others and of her being a werewolf), young king Caster's burden, the dwarves resentment and mistrustment, the huntsman's deprivation of a love he seeks. It was all so real.

Thank you for the story and for taking the time of finishing it.

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