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Delightful romp though the latter half of the 20th century.

Delightful SciFi (for a change)! I am not a SciFi fan: mostly the genre is far too dystopic for me. This book (written by a high-school friend) is, on the other hand, generally upbeat. Yes, Earth's future is threatened. But Earth has a chance to plan a response. And (spoiler alert) ultimately wins, albeit at a high cost. But the characters are delightful...through 2+ generations. The word-play, name-play is quite humorous. The humor (and sarcasm) is delightful. Even if you are not a SciFi fan, you will enjoy this romp through the latter half+ of the 20th century. This book could equally be placed under "Suspense", "Thriller" or just "Mystery"!! Way to go Sam!!

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