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I really like your writing style! It's quite compelling. The idea is interesting as well, as it seems like there would have to be so much going on in this world for this type of situation to happen. The mention of drugs also make me think that perhaps the taller people are the richer class because they have the money to make sure their kids get the biggest. Hmm... for such a physical attribute to matter so much there'd probably have to be some, I don't want to say athletic component, but something that makes tallness desirable by the society. I don't know, something to think about I guess.
At the same time, I think lack of specifics help make this story. After all, the world isn't the important bit- the protagonist is!
My biggest criticism is that I... didn't quite see this as a horror story- tragic yes, but it didn't really make me afraid for even the character. Sad, yes, but I think that her sort of resignation to her fate makes it not quite as emotional as this situation could have been. I think the bit at the end with the nice lady could have been an attempt to give Anomaly more of a will to live, and I think that perhaps you could have expanded that. Or what if she had been juuust at the borderline of the height regulation, like she thinks she reached it and gets all excited to live and things look happy- until the ceremony comes and it turns out that the shoes she wore when she measured herself were the only the thing getting her past the cut and she's actually reached her expiration after all. It'd be easy to delve into the horror of that.
But as it was, your story worked. It fit with Anomaly being on the 'calming' drugs and the story she had to tell. You did awesome!

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