Clinton R. Rice

Victorville, California

Avid reader, author, poet, gaming enthusiast, geek. Clinton's childhood dream was to become a mad scientist but was told this was not a viable career. One day he will show them. He will show them all!

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Everna is a great character. She's clever, willful, and flawed. She's thrust into a situation that she truly lacks the resources to handle, but her pride makes her take dangerous risks. She's a seemingly insignificant pawn in a chess game she doesn't know how to understand, but the series is set up to have this pawn get promoted in the 8th rank and become a key piece.
Shadowguard is exciting, tense and funny with likeable characters. Even the unlikeable characters are fun to dislike. There's plenty of sass, adventure and mystery. I'm looking forward to seeing where this story goes.

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