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Great emotion and a powerful character

The Anomaly draws you in. There is no better way to put it. With its sharp, almost staccato sentences, the story packs emotion every way it can. From the start of The Anomaly to the end, the themes are clear. Despair vs. hope, and the injustice of society are constant no matter where you look. We are given in full array the rainbow of emotions expressed by the protagonist as she struggles to come to terms with her expiration date.

As a reader, you start rooting for the protagonist almost instantly. You cannot help but adore her flaws, as they are deep and human (which she is so often told she is not). We (the readers) know she deserves better, we know the society is wrong for placing such a biased opinion on people.

The story is a great one, but I have a few minor notes that may be nothing more than personal opinion. What the story brings in emotion, I wish it had room to bring in clarity. Although you get to see the protagonist's dire state, you learn very little about the place where she lives and the people around her. I pictured the setting as more of a futuristic asylum of prisoners (though it easily could be modern day, or even in the past). Also, I wish we got a good look at one of the enforcers of the cruel law (such as a man that carried out the sentence of graduation or expiration). This would have been an interesting dynamic. Maybe in a sequel. These minor details barely kept me away from a complete five star rating. Then again, maybe room for imagination on these points is exactly what the author wanted.

I loved this story, it is worth the read, especially if you want a character you can feel for. Her struggles become your struggles. I know I'm rooting for her. Bring that society to ash, and live a life of wonder and beauty far past what others think of you.

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