Adita Langa

Maseru South West

I am a twenty-one year old writer from a small African country called Lesotho surrounded by South Africa. I normally write drama, poetry, horror, fantasy, Sci-Fi and Thriller

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A bizzare but interesting writing style

Poetry is pretty subjective and depends on the reader; because there are so many different styles of poetry available and someone is accustomed to a certain style so take what I say with a grain of salt. This is a style I haven't seen before (especially the parts written in prose form) and some poems were pretty surprising but I did enjoy the messages within them. I will admit there are a few pieces that left me unsure of what to think but the amount of imagery and blunt humour in them made me appreciate them.

One piece of advice I could give is that you could try to use language to the best of your advantage. There are a lot of ways you can use words to the best of your ability but it doesn't quite get through and it leaves me wanting more from it. The heavier pieces don't emanate the amount of emotion that it is trying to convey. But the use of imagery does pull me into a piece, I just wish there were more literary and artistic features used to bring everything out. I would recommend this to my friends are poets as well because the style is pretty interesting.

Otherwise, I look forward to seeing more pieces and seeing you grow.

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