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The Origin of F.O.R.C.E The Federal Organization for Response to Celestial Enemies is a brilliantly written sci-fi novel that any fan of the genre is going to love. It's entirely unique in its storyline- I've honestly never delved into anything quite like this (and I've read quite a few sci-fi books in my day). This tale follows the story of a young alien named Whatsit, who was raised on earth. His 'parents'? Human scientists and Special Forces members. When the Chrysallaman Empire threatens to overtake earth in the hopes of turning mankind into an organic food source, it's Whatsit that can ultimately save his beloved human counterparts. But will he have what it takes to win the battle, fighting side by side with the humans that have become his best friends?

I've read a few books about alien/human relationships and for some reason they always really intrigue me. Maybe it's my 'Men In Black' generational thing, but I love stories that incorperate a non-human supernatural character and mankind. The biggest mistake most books that try to accomplish this task is that they don't often make the 'alien' character relatable enough. The Origin of F.O.R.C.E didn't make that mistake. Whatsit, the alien character, captured my heart from the beginning of the story and immediately jumped away from the 'alien' stereotype and became a character that you could appreciate beyond the confines of his supernatural make-up.

The book is paced in a way that kept me reading and reading and reading until I reached the last chapter. It moves at the perfect pace. Not so fast that you get lost and miss key parts of the storyline, but fast enough to keep you pushing forward- incurably curious of what could happen next. The action of the story is fantastic, and I could see many teen boys falling madly in love with the intensity of the book. It's written in a way that I know most adolescent boys I work with would avidly enjoy reading. I'd definitely recommend this book to parents and teachers looking for book recommendations for their sci-fi loving teen boy.

Everything about this book was way more than I expected. It took me to a world entirely different from my own- and yet, the world felt so so real. Sam B Miller II brought Whatsit and the celestial enemies of the Chrysallaman Empire to life in such vivid detail. It was way more than I expected in a sci-fi novel, and I cannot wait to delve into more of Sam B Miller's work.

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