Über diese Gruppe

Ever wanted to know the dark secret your crush is hiding? Or wondered which millennial trend best matches your personality? Here is your chance to find out!

Please GET CREATIVE and create Young Adult themed quizzes on https://www.quotev.com/create! Post the links to your quizzes into this group. Take other people's quizzes, share your results in the comments, and discuss!

Here are some suggestions for quiz topics:

  • Will you marry your college boyfriend/girlfriend or dump them at graduation?

  • The rebel, the geek or the parent? Which role do you play in your friendship group?

  • Could you actually survive a long-distance relationship?

These are just examples. Feel free to use them or to come up with your VERY OWN quiz topics!

Please DO NOT use this group for self-promotion. Read requests and posts with no other purpose than to promote your own stories will be deleted.


Über uns

Inkitt ist der erste lesergesteuerte Verlag der Welt und bietet eine Plattform, um verborgene Talente zu entdecken und sie zu weltweit erfolgreichen Autoren zu machen. Schreibe fesselnde Geschichten, lese bezaubernde Romane und wir veröffentlichen die Bücher, die unsere Leserinnen und Leser am meisten lieben, auf unserer Schwester-App, GALATEA und anderen Formaten.