Inkitt's Novel Writing Boot Camp

01 Introduction & General Topics

This is the place for any questions, comments and concerns regarding Inkitt's Novel Writing Bootcamp.

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02 Outlining & Three Act Structure

Learn the basics of how to begin outlining your novel, starting with understanding basic dramatic structure in three acts.

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03 Character Building - Protagonist & Antagonist

How do you recognize a great idea? How do you figure out if it's worthy your effort? James spells out the techniques he uses to generate his ideas and then separate the good ones from the less compelling ones.

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04 How To Structure A Scene

This lesson covers the fundamentals of scene structure, including in medias res, and more.

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05 Setting & Description

This lesson covers the importance of setting and descriptive text to telling a good story, including how to come up with the best setting for each scene and how to use the five senses to evoke imagery in readers.

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06 Character Building - Secondary Characters

This lesson covers how to create a strong supporting cast of friends, associates, and foils for your protagonist and antagonist, including a look at some common archetypes.

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07 Midpoint

This lesson covers the importance of the midpoint. What it is, how it works, and why it's so important.

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08 Dialogue

This lesson covers writing good dialogue, how it differs from ordinary speech and conversation, the role it plays in imparting information and building drama, etc.

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09 The Climax / Building Suspense

This lesson covers your ending, particular the key climactic confrontation and elements of how to build suspense throughout your story.

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10 Editing

This lesson covers the basics of editing and revision from how to find and work with an editor to key techniques for self-editing.

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11 Marketing

This lesson touches on the importance of authors as marketers: when to start, some key techniques, why it matters, etc.

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Über uns

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