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Monarch Smith. Beaten, bruised, and put through rigorous training. What will happen when she confronts her abusers? How will she live? What will happen when she meets her first friend in a long time? Not a romance, strong language and explicit content.

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Chapter 1

He raped me. He actually raped me. I'm curled on the floor running the scene that just occurred in my mind, he's done so many vile things but this is it. I can't live like this anymore. "Get your ass down here Monarch, unless you want another 'lesson'" I can hear his smirk towards the end. He enjoyed my suffering and I knew it. "Monarch, get to school you pathetic child!" My mother screams, she knows what he's done, there's no way she could have missed my screams.
I walk down the stairs holding onto myself like it will save me from whatever they'd do. Its all I can do, try to disappear within myself like I never existed, at least until I leave. "There you are, you ingrate. Get out of here before I lock you in the basement" she says while feeling up the man who just had his excitement. I almost sprint out of the front door to begin my 5 mile trek to school. I need to find jag, he can get me what I need.
My name is Monarch, named after the butterfly because of the birthmark on my wrist. I'm 16 and in highschool. It wasn't always like this, I have very vague memories of my smaller self laughing and smiling at my parents. I often wonder where it all went wrong, if it was my fault. But most of the time I think they just changed as I got older and started needing them less. Maybe it was because I wasn't there perfect cheerleading daughter and instead played sports and ran track. Who knows, I don't really care anymore.
"Hey baby, I bet you can show me a good time" some random guy yells, basically hanging out of the passenger side of his friends car. Honestly, how sad does your life have to be to cat call random teenagers. I pick up my pace, they make me so uncomfortable. I see girls all the time poke out there butt a little further or puff out there chest. They'll be the first to be kidnapped, raped, or killed, I'd bet on it if I had the money and somebody would take those bets.
I walk into school right as the bell rings. "Shit. I'll have to find him later" I murmur to myself. I make my way to the class room, and suddenly get yanked into a room, or closet. I can't see so I don't really know. I hear movement and it only sounds like one person, thank God. I can take one. The unknown entity shuffles closer, a man I'm guessing. I large one so I hold my breathe and wait, not knowing who it could be. His hand creeps up by thigh to my hips and I immediately cringe, I pull back my fist and punch what I assume to be his nose. A grunt if pain and a "shit" can be heard. Wait, I know that voice. I search for a light switch and quickly flick it on. "Jag? What the fuck dude?" I say almost yelling.
"My spidey senses went off, I figured you needed something" he nasaly whispers, what a dumbass. You don't do that to people. "What the fuck is wrong with you dude? You couldn't just wait in the fucking halls?" He chuckles at my anger, and it fuels me more. I punch his arm and he winces "let's change the subject mona, what do you need?" He says, his nose must not hurt anymore, but his words are still airy.
"I need a Glock." I whisper barely able to say the words much less look at him in the eyes. "Thats gonna cost a pretty penny love, you gonna fight for me tonight?" He smirks, he knows I will. I needed a fight soon anyway, I'm starting to get an itch and I have a lot of frustration to get out on whatever poor fucker. "Alright but I need a big one, one that'll set me up a couple weeks" he drops his smirk right as the last word leaves my mouth. "You know that'll be tough, you might have a fight a few for that much. You might be a big bet but nobodies gonna bet on a big fish in a pond with a bunch of minnows" hes got a point. I'm gonna be home late, I might as well just stay out tonight so I can still wake up for school the next day "You got it but I need a place to crash" he smirks at me "my beds always free for you Mami"

Thank you for reading my first chapter, I've never actually written before so constructive criticism is always welcome
Weitere Empfehlungen

krysnnazoey35: This was worth waiting up for! Justice finally.. I can’t believe their story is almost done.

Phyllis: Had a hard time keeping everything in order.

Renea: Sexual assault is very hard to heal from as there is a grieving cycle. Emily looks like a human as they don't get their wolves until they mate so, being noticed by the Humters is just going feom bad to worse. Finding her sister and them losing her within a few days was heartbreaking, but they won...

marilyn: Mac is so sweet. He needs a strong woman by his side. Eva and him balance one another out. And now.....Miles is here.

Teresa Knapp: Whoa! Wait a minute. What happened to Lynch?Do they end him? What about his men?Rex?This one was easier to follow but still left a lot of gaps into what was going on.Could easily be expanded on!

Teresa Knapp: Wow! It really moved fast and felt like parts were left out for the reader to decipher but the story line was good!

marilyn: I think this is my favorite so far. When Breaker started to talk to Aurora I just knew this was going to be amazing. And when he spoke in front of his family for the first time in years because of Rubble....omg...I knew it was my favorite. He is amazing. And the girls all have fighting spirits in...

odalisanais87: Really hoping Evie and Dusty work out and that Mandi isn’t pregnant

thomsonleanne58: So much twists, turns, and love.

Weitere Empfehlungen

Reigha: I truly hope you continue the story. I am drawn in by the spiciness of the story and the overall summary that you have provided.

Dyana: Nice story. God bless you Author

Hayley J: Shame the brother in law never got a chance to explain or meet raven.

maggie Brown: Loving this story! These two are just the cutest!

Helene 🦋: I enjoyed every bit of this series 😍❤️

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