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Tight Spot

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When Tight was released it was to be the superdrug to cure all. Women took it for the perfect body, Men for the perfect sex drive. A year has past, everything has changed. Humanity is in a Tight Spot Prologue -Tight was released to a hungry world, desperate for perfection. It was an dubbed a super-drug - a cure to obesity, it promised the ageless skin, perfect muscle structure, tone, beauty and increased sex drive. For men it had the added bonus of increasing the muscle mass of the male organ to a guaranteed 10 to 12 inches. Everyone clambered to get it, free as a result of the health benefits, there were no restrictions. A year on and the world wasn't the same, The Tight roam the night. Only the male Tight population survived. Their skin stretched taut, their muscles clenched, they struggle to move. Their pain soaked minds are bent on relieving their most obvious engorged muscle. With no Tight females remaining they search for the Loose, those who resisted Tight and fear the night. Kate is on a search herself. She's heard about a book that was written for such an event. Within it's pages must be the answers and a solution to this Tight epidemic. She must survive and implement the steps outlined for humanities sake. But she's just one loose woman in a Tight Spot. #FIRST DRAFT ONLY - unedited and due for a re-write - Please enjoy in this basic form - rewrite to come.

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Chapter 1: Step 1

The page in front of me was entitled - 'The City Council's Official Plan for Zombie Invasion.' I breathed a sign of relief as I read on, 'Step 1 - Run, Run very fast.'

“Please,” I growled, “Like I didn’t know that!”

I looked around the room in frustration. It had taken me months to get here, months of running, running very fast. This book was supposed to save us. It was supposed to tell me what to do to save humanity.

I had heard about it in one of those human interest stories before the wonder drug TIGHT was released to the public. Someone had placed a freedom of information request into this council to view their Emergency Procedure Manual for Zombie Invasion. It was given so much publicity that the council were forced to provide a plan.

It wasn’t easy getting here and given what I had been through, I expected something more than this!

Maybe it got better. It better get better.

I couldn’t face the disappointment that page one of the thin book held, so instead I wiped a pattern in the dust. This room, these council offices, belonged to another world. A world were housewives gossiped, lawns were kept short, school results mattered and the Tight didn’t walk the streets at night. It was a world I missed. But it was a world long gone.

Strange, I looked at the piles of books on the floor, these had been disturbed. There was a dust-free section of the bookshelf which clearly housed them until recently. Why? The Tight would have no reason to come down here. They weren’t interested or capable of reading.

The Tight were no longer flexible. It was an unexpected side effect. Somehow their muscles seized up and stayed that way, and of course the male muscle that many took Tight to enlarge wasn’t exempt. So they were clenched into body builder poses with every muscle taut and erect. Maybe the drug also affected their brains, or it could have been the pain involved, but whatever the cause they were insane and bent on relieving their immediate and most noticeable point of pressure.

One might have stumbled down here hoping to find a survivor and knocked these to the floor while it thrashed around. The books could have fallen into a distinct pile. But that didn’t explain the fact not much else was disturbed.

I fidgeted with the corner of the page of the book which still sat open on my lap. If a Tight was down here I should leave. The light was dim down here. They didn’t like light, their eye lids didn’t blink rapidly anymore so they hid during the daylight hours.

I slowly shut the book and pushed it into my backpack while keeping my eyes on the shadows. Yes, I should go now. I had what I came for. It was time to go.

Slowly I back up towards the door. I spun and collided with a wall. My head snapped back as my arms flailed out. I teetered on my heels as I tried to save myself. But my centre was already overbalanced. I could feel myself falling backwards. In that horrible moment realisation hit, I was falling and there was nothing I could do to save myself. Damn, this was going to hurt!

Everything moved in slow motion, my arms circling as I tried to grab onto something, my body tilting as it inevitably moved backwards and two strong tentacle like arms wrapping themselves around my waist.

Two strong arms? Around my waist?


What the hell?

I screamed.

I couldn’t decide if I was screaming because I was falling or due to the huge man who stood before me.

I screamed again.

That should cover both.

Then I fought. I knew it would do no good. The Tight were all muscle. That’s why they took TIGHT. So he was stronger than me and his pain saturated brain wouldn’t register any hurt I could inflict on him.

I could feel the tears of frustration budding in my eyes as I kicked, punched and thrashed around.


Shit, shit, shit.

I was stuffed. I knew this but it didn’t stop me from fighting. I had no choice. I knew what was going to happen to me. I couldn’t let him do that to me. I had to make even a futile attempt to escape his iron grasp. I couldn’t meekly submit to him.

I didn’t want to die now. I had the book. I finally had it.

The Tight pulled me closer, pinning my arms to his chest and holding my hips to his so that I couldn’t bring my knee up to kick him in the obvious place.

“Calm down Ma’am,” a husky voice breathed through my hair.

I froze for a second. It spoke. They never spoke. Why did it speak?

“You’re so soft,” the voice groaned as the hands gently explored me.

I struggled again. It didn’t matter if it grew wings and flew. It was still a Tight and I was still about to be his pin cushion. It was very obvious that he was Tight.

“Ma’am, can you talk?”

“Let me go!” I screamed.

“So you ain’t Tight? Holy shit,” the muscled bulk in front of me mumbled as he held me out to look at me without loosening his grip on me.

“Let me go, you Tight asshole!”

“I ain’t Tight, Ma’am, although I can’t speak for my asshole.”

“You’re a Tight mother...”

“Now Ma’am,” he interrupted, “It ain’t proper for a lady to cuss Iike that. I know I been incline to call the Tight some mighty colourful names, but I ain’t no lady.”

“You are Tight!”

“Ma’am, I’m speaking to you ain’t I? I can move my limbs, can’t I?” He rolled his shoulders but didn’t release me. “I ain’t one of them.”

“You are!”

“I ain’t. Why can’t you see that?”

“Yes, you are! You are Tight!”

“Why? What makes you so sure?”

“That! That’s how I know!” I pointed at the evidence.

The monster in front of me laughed. He actually laughed.

“Ma’am, you are a loose woman and I ain’t held a woman to me in a long time. You might have been meaning to escape me but hell your body felt right nice as you rubbed it against me. I wouldn’t be a man if I didn’t get this reaction to you.”

“Loose woman?” I knew the term it just didn’t seem right coming from his lips.

“I don’t mean that you are easy to get into bed, just that you didn’t take that TIGHT stuff.”

“You aren’t Tight?”

“No Ma’am, that’s what I been trying to tell you.”

“But you are so big?” I looked again over the massively muscular chest and down to the prominent bulge in his jeans, “Huge.”

“Why thank you ma’am. I played defence and my body was built this way from working on my pa’s farm.”

“But...?” I stuttered again, a million questions all going through my head.

“I don’t mean to be rude Ma’am. But it’s getting late and my pa sent me to get something from this room.”

“You’re looking for the book?” I blurted.

“Yes Ma’am. Pa said that the council here wrote a book telling folks what to do if zombies attacked. He sent me to fetch it but I am having the devil’s own time finding it. I ain’t ever been good with school stuff so I don’t know how I am gonna find it.”

I bit my tongue. This man would easily over power me if he knew I had what he was looking for.

“Ma’am I want you...?” he stopped himself as I flinched away and cringed, “Ma’am, sorry ma’am, I ain’t good with words so excuse me if I upset you. I want you to stay with me. There ain’t many loose women left and I want to take you home with me.”

“Home with you?”

“Yes ma’am, home to the farm.”

This guy may or may not be tight but he wasn’t all there in the brains department. There were no farms anymore. All that was left were the odd survivor trying to stay alive. No one had a home. Only those who banded together in large groups could afford to stay in one place for any length of time. I’d never found any of these groups but I’d heard they existed. I’d also heard that the Tight were attracted to them like moths to a flame.

“Can you let go of me,” I whispered hoping not to anger him.

He looked surprised and immediately dropped his hands from me, “Sorry Ma’am.”

I took his momentary confusion as an opportunity and ducked under his arm and out the door.

I ran. I didn’t know what else to do. I could hear him running after me. I couldn’t outrun this giant.

There was only one thing I could do. I saw it on the way in. It wouldn’t save me for long but it might give me enough time to find the gun I kept in my backpack.

I sprinted up the stairs and into the council foyer. It was a beautiful building designed around a central courtyard. This space was lit with a large dome allowing the sunlight to steam through to highlight the mosaic on the floor.

I threw myself into the circle of bright sunlight and pulled myself to a stop roughly in the middle. I caught my breath as I turned waiting to see what he did.

“I knew you were Tight,” I sneered when he stopped before the light.

I could see his outline hover around the edge. He was silent but I could hear his breathing.

“Stay away from me.”

“You’re so beautiful,” I heard the dark shape whisper. “I couldn’t see you in that room... but Ma’am you’re an angel!”

I gasped as he stepped into the circle. The sunlight fell on his face, in his eyes, and he didn’t react. His gaze was directly on me as his lips curled into a small smile.

OK, so he wasn’t Tight.

His body was broad and obviously muscled but he moved with grace. The small subtle movements he made took my breath away. How long had it been since I had seen a man who wasn’t Tight? He took another smooth step forward as I watched, my eyes glued to him.

He waited. I could see that he wanted to move closer but wasn’t. Why?

I forced my eyes up to his face only to find his eyes roaming my body. His indiscrete appraisal reminded me of a time before all of this. A time where men and women would flirt with one another building the sexual tension between them until one took the chance and made the first move.

It had been a very long time since my heart had fluttered like this. I felt my breathing increase as I remember a time when sex was an act of beauty and of love. When couples jointly enjoyed the sensations they encouraged in each other. I felt a foreign ache in me.

I tried to distract myself by examining his face. He was at least in his early twenties, older than I expected. His eyes were a deep blue and twinkled like jewels set into his chiselled face. The distinct cheekbones lead down to a scruffy jaw line. If he was trying to grow a beard he was failing at it. The fluff that grew there was all patchy. His hair was cut short and uneven - home cut with kitchen scissors, I’d guess - tuffs of warm brown were spotted here and there.

He smiled a wide grin as he his eyes caught me watching him. His dimples were to die for.

It was then I realised how good it felt when he touched me. He had held me gently even though I fought him. I wanted to feel his body against mine again. He was standing before me, waiting for me. I wanted to feel his smooth skin against mine. I needed to touch him again and pretend that this was normal. I wanted to believe in his farm and that we could go home.

I closed the distance between us fast, jumping into his arms and without any words his lips found mine. His kiss was soft at first, gentle and caressing as his arms wrapped around my waist lifting me from the ground. But as I responded he became more passionate and demanding. He pushed his tongue deep into my mouth, lashing mine with his, and I was lost. He tasted so good. He felt so good. I wanted to taste and feel more of him.

His body was pressed hard against mine and his hands moved to cup my ass. His hands kneaded with shaky urgency, as he pushed my thighs apart. My legs bent up and wrapped themselves around his waist. He groaned loudly as he pushed his palms against my pelvis, pushing with the heels of his hands into me so that my soft folds were positioned over the hard ridge that dominated the front of his jeans. His tongue began to penetrate my mouth as his hips matched the motion. We ground our jean clad groins against each other.

My hands pulled up his shirt until it was over his head and on the floor. I let him yank mine over my head too. My grip found the hard muscles on his back. I dug my fingers in as I hung off him. His chest was taut muscle overlaying muscle, all moulded into the perfect pattern. It was smooth and warm as the lace on my bra was dragged up and down against it.

I bucked against him. My body moved in time with his creating the perfect friction. My hips were flush against his as he kissed my mouth, my face, my neck and any skin he could reach.

I wanted him too much to separate myself from him. I wanted to remove more of the clothing that stood between us but I couldn’t stop. This felt so good. I needed his hands on me, his mouth ravishing me and his hard desire rubbing against me.

I moaned with each of his thrusts. Then as they grew in tempo I threw my head back and let the sensation take me over. His hard ridge pushed at me straining to penetrate me through all the layers. I pushed against the blunt bulge and slid down the long length that must have been painfully pressed against his zipper. I imagined what he must look like all hot, sweating and naked. I imagined what he must be like unconstrained. I imagined all that manhood was mine for the taking.

A wave of pleasure broke over me and I sung out and convulsed as the bubbles of ecstasy burst inside me. He held me firmly with his hips rocked against mine until I was done. Then as my tingling subsided he began thrusting again. This time he was rough and demanding. He didn’t hurt me but he drove himself against me in clear desperation. His lustful eyes, raw desire and his confident desperation had me singing again. As I did he pushed the wet patch of taut material urgently against me. He released a groaned “Fcuk” as his hands dug into my skin. His erection pulsed through his jeans.

My eyes came up and met his. We held each other’s gaze as we remained welded in place. Our sexes glued together by the wet fabric that separated us.

Then he groaned. It wasn’t the groan of lust that had come so easily before. No this one spoke of frustration and annoyance.

He slowly lowered my legs but didn’t release me until I had my balance. My hand was shaking as it covered the wet front of my jeans and the soft throbbing flesh that waited behind it. I couldn’t help but notice the spreading wet on the front of his jeans. If he didn’t look so pained I might have rolled off the spoilt clothing and repeated that dance with him, only this time without the barriers.

“Shit, I’m sorry ma’am. Ohh hell, you ain’t married are you? Fcuk! I ain’t had a woman in nearly a year. An angel comes my way and I’m rutting her like sex starved ram,” he muttered under his breath, “And I jizzed my pants. Hell. Sorry. What must you think of me?”

“Sex starved ram?” I raised an eyebrow as I stumbled away from him.

I tried to straighten my clothing. The moment was over. My senses were returning and I felt the embarrassment of what I did.

He scooped the shirts up off the ground and handed me mine. As he did I couldn’t help but notice the muscles on his chest flex with the movement. They were glistening with a light sweat and shone in the sunlight.

He moved his hips and grimaced. His eyes flashed downwards taking mine with them. Below his bellybutton a light trail of dark hair which lead the eye down to his wet jeans. As I watched he used his shirt to wipe away the semen that oozed up around the waistband. Then he repositioned himself.

“Yeah,” he grimaced and hung his head, “That about explains it. I deserve my ass whipped for this.”

“Don’t tempt me,” I scrunched my eyes and rubbed my face, “What’s gotten into me? I don’t usually do that. I mean, that isn’t what I’m like. Ohh hell, you must think I am a loose woman now. I don’t even know your name. Damn, I’m sorry. I should go.”

“Go? No! No, please don’t go, Ma’am. Shit, I’m sorry, Ma’am. Please don’t go,” he looked pained as his eyes pleaded with me.

I exhaled in relief. I knew that I couldn’t leave. I should but I couldn’t. There was something about him that made me want to trust him.

“What’s your name?” I smiled.

“My momma calls me Franklin Joshua Armstrong when she is angry with me but to everyone else I’m Tank.”


“Yes Ma’am.”

“OK Tank, well you can call me Kate,” I smiled and made a hasty decision. “Tank, I think I have the book that you are looking for. Can we make a deal?”

“I don’t know ma’am, my pa says that I shouldn’t make deals with strangers.”

“But you know my name and after what happened here, we aren’t strangers Tank.”

“All right ma’am. So you have this book on Zombie Invasion?”

“Yes, that’s right. I will share it with you if you take me with you, can you protect me?”

“Heck ma’am, I was gonna do that anyway. There ain’t no way I’d leave a loose woman once I found one. Ma’am, I want you to come back with me. But I’ll tell you it ain’t close. There’s a lot of miles between us and the farm.”

“Then we had better get going, it will be dark soon.”

“Shit,” he quickly looked upwards. “Hell, the suns going down and we smell of sex. Fcuk.”

“Smell of sex?” I asked as we hurried out the door.

He linked his hand with mine and ran dragging me along with him down the wide steps in front of the building.

“They can smell it. Like bees to honey.”

“And you know this, how?”

His threw me a pained look over his shoulder, “I ain’t had a woman since all this started but I still have urges.”

He ran to a strange looking vehicle that was parked on the footpath. I was about to pull him away, there was no power and therefore no fuel these days. Vehicles were useless. But he pulled the door open and roughly shoved me inside.

“What? You have a truck? But how?”

“We have hand pumps on the farm.”

“Yes so you have already said,” I laughed.

He’s cheeks coloured slightly as he concentrated on starting the truck. It roared to life.

“Ma’am, hell, how old are you? Please tell me you are legal.”

“You’re safe Tank,” I was still laughing, “There are no cops, the legal system is gone, I’m eighteen and we didn’t have sex.”

“Eighteen, Thank Gawd!” he released a deep breath in relief, “My pa says that even though there ain’t no law men left it doesn’t make you any less guilty of a wrong. And we might not have had sex but I sure am planning on correcting that wrong.”

“Cocky!” I raised an eyebrow.

“Yes ma’am, so I have been told.”

“I didn’t mean... ohh, never mind.”

He grinned a deep dimpled smile at me and rendered me all jelly inside.

“How come you didn’t do TIGHT?” I asked in an attempt to change the subject.

“Well ma’am, it’s like this, I been told that I don’t need it. Coach said that he didn’t want me any bigger, and well, the ladies didn’t want me any bigger either. So I stayed off the stuff.” He frowned and his forehead creased he kept his eyes on the road but I could almost feel the pain radiating off him.

“Yes, it’s pretty clear why they called you Tank,” I said softly in an effort to lighten the mood.

He shrugged, “Yeah, the guys in the team reckoned that I cleared the field better than a Sherman Tank. The name stuck.”

“So are you telling me it had nothing to do with the weapon you have in your pants?” I laughed.

“Well there was that too,” his cheeks flushed with colour, “So why didn’t you take TIGHT?”

“Are you implying that I needed it?”

“No Ma’am,” His eyes were wide with nervous tension as they left the road and met mine, “Sorry Ma’am, I ain’t ever been good at talking to the ladies. It was my brother Jed that knew what to say. He would have had you melting in your pants... ohh shit, sorry ma’am, I ain’t good at this.”

He held up his hand, indicating his need for time, as he grimaced at the road. I waited. I let him think through his words and I watched him. His forehead creased a little with concentration and I could feel his frustration.

“Ma’am, you are a beautiful woman. But plenty of beautiful women took TIGHT. I’m mighty glad you didn’t but it makes me wonder...if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Tank, can you call me Kate? It makes me feel old when you call me Ma’am.”

“Sorry, but it was the way I was brought up. Are you married? I don’t mind if you are. I will still look after you if you are. “

“No Tank. I’m not married.”

He closed his eyes and smiled before he said “Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, I’m just a little nervous.”

“Really? Why?”

“You’re an Angel Miss Kate and the first since... well it’s been a long time. I want you to think nice things about me. I don’t want to mess this up. I tend to mess things up when I open my mouth. They guys on the team said I shouldn’t let the head on my shoulders do the talking... shit, did it again didn’t I?”

“Tank,” I smiled as his eyes were laden with his nervousness, “I like you.”

His face relaxed as the tension drained from him. He smiled with the full dimple effect, “I like you too Miss Kate. I like you a hell of a lot.”

I smiled and looked out the window at the deserted buildings.

“Did I make you sad Miss Kate? If you want I don’t have to like you that much.”

“No Tank. You can like me a hell of a lot. It’s just been a long time since anyone has liked me. It’s nice but it makes me a little sad that’s all.”

“Your family?”

“Yeah,” I watched the red of the sun disappearing, “They will be coming out soon Tank. I’ve never been out after dark. Can you protect me?”

He glanced down at the mess smeared on the front of his pants.

“Not like this I can’t. We need to get rid of these clothes before every Tight in the city finds us.”

“You say they can smell?”

He grimaced as he turned the truck off the main road, “Do you remember the ‘Return of The Living Dead’? Well in that movie the zombies wanted to eat your brains to easy their pain. This is a little different,” Tank cringed and his eyes flashed to me, “I don’t want upset you Miss Kate, but their arms are too stiff to use their hands to... well, pump the fuel, as you said before. So they have no other way of releasing the pain in their balls than to hump anything they can find. They are drawn to sex because it is the only thing they want nowadays.”

“I know Tank,” I looked at my hands.

“Did they... have they...?” his hands gripped the steering wheel tighter and he ground his teeth. He didn’t finish the question for which I was grateful.

“I was grounded,” I said quietly without looking at him. “I wanted to take TIGHT but my Parents ground me and that was one of the things I wasn’t allowed to do. If it wasn’t for that I would be dead right now like all my friends. Tank, I’m only alive because I was being punished.”

A silent tear slid down my face. I hated the truth. I hated the memory of my friends rigid and dead or dying. The men lived, if you could call the Tight alive, because the male version was aimed at muscle development. The women had a different version of TIGHT. Woman wanted to be toned not muscular but have taut ageless skin. So that was what TIGHT did for them. Their skin became so tight that they couldn’t eventually move. The lucky ones died of asphyxiation when their skin wouldn’t allow them to breathe, others died of dehydration and starvation when they couldn’t open their mouths or move their arms to eat, but too many were unable to move fast enough to avoid being taken by their male counterparts. They were the unlucky ones.

I felt a warm hand on my thigh and I looked up to see Tank smiling with a sad sorry smile, “What were you grounded for Miss Kate?”

I laughed softly and felt the blood rushing to my cheeks, “My mum caught me and my boyfriend together.”

“Your parents didn’t like your boyfriend?”

“We were in bed together Tank,” I bit my lip, “He was my first and we didn’t even...”

I couldn’t finish. I turned to look into the dark. I saw the faces as we sped down the road.

“They are out there,” I whispered.

“Yes Ma’am,” his voice was quiet. “Hide your eyes Miss Kate. The things they do give me nightmares. And Miss Kate, grab a hold of something, this might get a little bumpy.”

He flipped a switch that must have worked the large lights that were mounted to the roof.

I was too scared to blindly trust in Tank. So I had my eyes open when the light illuminated the road. The high watt spot lights bounced off a Tight standing in the middle of the road. Tank swore as it hit the metal grill on the front of the truck and with a squelch and a thud it went under the driver’s side wheel sending the truck airborne for a second. I felt my stomach twist in fear but Tank didn’t flinch. He just kept driving.

I gasped. There were more. The road was teeming with them. But as the light hit them the Tight screamed and their rigid bodies tried to flee. Most failed. Most fell to writhe with wooden movement, on the ground.

I’d not seen a Tight since they became nocturnal which was when this all began. The wonderdrug had worked. It had given them the stunning bodies they had craved. Their frames where laden with muscles and perfectly proportioned. These bodies now clearly in view. The clothes they once wore were now nothing more than scraps and most were naked. The TIGHT they had taken was still in their blood. I had hoped that it would eventually pass through them and the effects would diminish. It was clear that this wasn’t the case. Apart from scuffs and open sores they looked as buff as ever.

I looked into the darkness and understood why Tank had told me to close my eyes. The light blinded Taken were being attacked by the unaffected mob. I turned away quickly but it was too late the images were burned into the backs of my eyes. I knew how desperate they had become but seeing it displayed so graphically was sickening.

Tank didn’t say anything. His eyes were on the road and although I knew he was seeing what I had seen, he didn’t have the opportunity to be squeamish. If he lost concentration he might lose control of the car.

With another thud I guessed that another had gone under the wheels. This one must have been already writhing on the ground because to the large tyres of truck it was little more than a speed bump. I fought the nausea as we hit another one. I scrunched my eyes up and prayed silently.

The truck was now swerving around on the road. He must be steering to avoid the larger gatherings or piles of them. The occasional swear words he mumbled only served to heighten my fear.

“There’s too many,” he finally mumbled, “Sorry Miss Kate. I was hoping to get you out of town but we can’t afford to get surrounded. Even with the lights on full beam they’ll be all over us.”

“I’m scared Tank. There are so many of them. I’ve never seen so many.”

“The streets of the big towns are like this.” He glanced down at me before returning his attention quickly to the road. “We can’t do this like we are Miss Kate. We’ll be swamped if we try to make a run for it wearing these clothes.”

“I don’t understand?”

“I know. I think I know somewhere we can go but it’s not gonna be easy. Miss Kate, I might have to kill some of them. I can’t let them put their filthy hands on you. I want to look after you Miss Kate. I want to be your man.”

I could only manage a pained smile. He was sweet. I reached out and took his hand.

“Take your clothes off Miss Kate,” Tank said quietly.

I didn’t know what to say. I quickly took back my hand. Did he think I was a slut because of what I did in the Council office? His eyes were still on the road as he concentrated on his driving.

“Your clothes smell of our sex Miss Kate,” His mouth was drawn, “If we throw them away they might go looking for them and not notice us.”

“Where are we going?”

“There is only one safe place and it ain’t gonna be nice Miss Kate. It’s not gonna be a good night for our first night together,” he grimaced and his eyes flashed at me before going back to the road.

I nodded as I began to strip off my clothes. I didn’t know if I believed him or not but this wasn’t the time for practical jokes so I had no choice but to trust him. The top went first then I wriggled out of the jeans and underpants.

“The bra too, Miss Kate,” his voice was husky and his steering was now quite jerky as he drove at speed.

I unclasp the bra and added it to the pile. I crossed my arms over my chest hiding what I could as Tank drew a deep breath and mumbled a soft curse.

“You need to help me with my clothes. I can’t take them off and drive.”

I nodded, all he was wearing was his jeans. The stained shirt was left behind at the council offices.

I moved closer and heard his breath hitch as I did. Having my naked body so close to his was having an obvious effect on him. His jeans were stretched in a way I recognized.

“I’m sorry Miss Kate. You’re so beautiful and I’m as hornier than a three balled tomcat.” He smiled his apology, “You might want to take the boots off first.”

He moved a foot over towards me. I leaned over and wrapped my hand around his heel. At the same time I felt a hand slide down my back and squeeze my ass.

“Tank? Are you touching my ass?”

“Ohh, shit, I’m sorry Miss Kate. I can’t help it. You got such a pretty little ass. I just can’t help myself.”

“Given we are trying to avoid smelling like sex, I suggest you don’t touch me like that.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

I sat up with one boot in my hand, “Do you want the socks off?”

“I think they’ll be alright,” his voice was husky and his hands were curled around the steering wheel so tightly that his knuckles were turning white.

I reached back down as he lifted and moved his other boot in my direction. I repeated the tugging movements. His breath puffed in and out with each of my pulls. The boot finally came off with a pop and he growled softly.

The boot joined the other one on the floor of the truck. Without saying anything I looked to his jeans. There it was - the clear taut ridge of his erection pressing against his zipper. I tried not to think about it.

I reached for the button. He took a deep intake of breath as I slid my fingers down his abdomen and followed the soft hair. With my fingers wedged between his jeans and his groin, I worked the button. Something large and smooth brushed against my fingertips as I fumbled. I nudged against it as I tried to tilt and push the button through the hole. He groaned loudly as the button came free which loosened the waist causing my hand to slip colliding with the waiting erection.

“I’m sorry,” I couldn’t look at him. I could feel my face flush as Tank continued to steer the truck.

Next was the zipper. He was pushed up against it and I didn’t want the steel teeth to get caught on his skin. The soft material of his boxers wouldn’t protect him given how erect he was. I slipped my fingers inside and tried to use them to create a clear path. My fingertips skimmed over the silky smooth skin of his head. He groaned a husky swear word and the car swerved on the road narrowly missing the gutter. I eased my grip down to his shaft as I yanked at the zipper. I tried to touch him as little as possible. I resisted the urge to wrap my hand around it and measure its girth. I fought the craving to find out exactly how big he was. No. My core was already burning with a need. If I stepped over this mark we would both be lost. Having wild sex in a car, at night, in the middle of a city filled with Tight wasn’t the best idea and definitely wouldn’t lead to a fairytale ending.

I tried to think of something else, anything other than how good he felt. I could feel the wet warmth of precum against the sensitive skin of my wrist. He was struggling to steer the vehicle now. It was just as well there were no other cars on the road. I had the zipped down most of the way now. I slid my hand further along the shaft until I touched his pubic hairs. He moaned softly as his erection throbbed and my fingers combed through the course hair to the thick skin of his scrotum. His hips came forward as he pushed against me. I took the opportunity to peel off his jeans and his boxers. I slowly dragged them down over his hips. He lifted his hips for me each time with a soft moan.

I bit my lip in an attempt to smoother my own excitement. My core was throbbing for him. I finally had his pants to his knees then he stomped his feet to get them over his ankles. This did very interesting things to his beast that stood tall on his lap and begged for attention.

He was a fine man. I could see why he had no need for TIGHT. His body was far better than what the wonder drug promised. He was hot and I wanted him very, very badly - it the best way possible.

“Football, let me think about football,” he breathed through his clenched teeth.

He stared at the road and started muttering about football plays.

“Please Miss Kate, don’t look at me. I’m right ready to jump your bones and I’ll never get this thing down if you keep watching me like you are doing.”

I hugged the door and turned myself to the window closing my eyes and slowing my breathing as I tried to ease my cravings. If the Tight smelt sex then this truck would reek of our pent up desires. I pressed my cheek against the cool glass and listened to Tank’s mumblings.

“We are nearly there Miss Kate,” his voice was still husky but wasn’t as forced as it was before. “We’re gonna have to put the windows down and air the truck. We’ll throw the clothes out just before we get there to draw them away before we make a run for it. Put your boots back on, Ma’am”

The cool night air helped. It swirled around the cabin of the truck clearing our heads and giving me goose bumps. I tried to occupy myself with putting our boots back on. As I sat back into my seat I crossed my arms over my chest to hide my pert nipples.

I threw the clothes out into the night when he indicated it was time. It was nearly 8pm according to the dashboard clock when he swung into a large suburban butchery. I knew what I had to do. We had to leave the car and run. My backpack was on my back and my hand was on the door ready to jump.

I looked backwards to see a large group of Tight lumbering towards the clothing. Most had taken the bait but not all.

The brakes on the truck screamed as it came to a jolted halt. I had the door opening as the engine died. I jumped and hit the ground running. Skidding to a stop I pulled on the shop door. I shoved and I pushed against the glass but it didn’t budge.

“Gnaa, Gnaa...”

“Tank! I can’t open the door! They are coming!”

I turned to see Tank running towards me. Behind him were two Tight lumbering with their stiff moments. Tank’s upper body swung something large, long and bat-shaped at the glass. The glass splintered but stayed intact. It must be safety glass. Tank swung the object again. I could see the drewl trailing from the mouth of the Taken closest to me. His unblinking eyes were focused on me and he was grunting in his excitement. His naked body was so close that I could smell him. And he wasn’t alone. If Tank didn’t get this door open soon we would be pinned against this glass wall.

The glass was bulbing in but was still glued together in a solid sheet. What sort of butchery was this?

The closest Taken was now four or five shuffling steps from me.

Tank roared as he shoulder-charged the door. The glass sheet completely dislodged itself and skidded across the floor.

As I spun to follow him through the vacant hole that was the door, I felt cold fingers skim my shoulder blade. The Tight behind me grasped but didn’t have quite enough purchase to get a hold of me. I shivered but didn’t hesitate.

“Gnaa!” The Tight screamed in frustration.

I looked around the room and wondered what Tank had gotten me into. It was a simple shop with one entrance/exit at the front and a service door near the display and cash register at the back. This place was a death trap. If that door didn’t lead anywhere we would have no hope of escape. The Tight were already pushing themselves through the front door.

“Miss Kate,” Tank said in a deep voice, “Get out back. I will slow them down.”

“Tank! No!” I was past panic. He couldn’t sacrifice himself for me.

“Go, I don’t want you to see what I’m about to do. Go!” his soft gentle voice was gone. I didn’t have a choice but to do as he said.

I left him there in that store front and ran. Tears blinded my way as I threw myself through the connecting door and into the backroom. I couldn’t help look back as the door swung closed. Would I ever see him again? Why would he be so ready to give his life for mine when he didn’t even know me?

I jumped as a booming noise erupted from behind the closed door. A gun? He had a gun? That had to be a gun, and not just a hand gun. I wasn’t familiar with guns but that sounded like something powerful.

I could hear him cursing and swearing as the Tight growled back with their distinctive tight jawed bellows. I wanted to run back into the room and do something to help him. I didn’t want to leave him. I wasn’t ready to lose him yet. But I held back.

He wanted me in here. Why? Why did he bring us here? He picked this particular shop on purpose. He wanted us to hide in a butchery, he must have had a reason.

The back room was lined with benches and cupboards. There were cutting boards and plenty of knives. Knives wouldn’t save us. There was nothing here that screamed salvation.

Then I saw it. Then I realised what he was planning. Built into the back corner was a cold room. A meat locker designed to hang and cool the carcasses. Its walls were thick and insulated and the handle to open it was complicated. The Tight might be able to nudge and grasp but I doubted that they would have the dexterity to manipulate this door.

I yanked the door open and immediately doubled over from the smell. I retched. Tank must have known. He did say it wasn’t going to be a good night. I grabbed anything I could to cover my nose. I didn’t have time to be precious. It was only stench. The alternative was far worse than the odour of rotting meat.

Another shotgun blast had me turn to the shop door again.

“Tank!” I screamed out. “Get in here!”

I quickly grabbed any cloth like substance I could and a whole bunch of other stuff that was just lying around and threw it into the dark of the meat locker.

The door to the shop swung back to reveal Tank. He was butt naked and holding a short shot gun. It was the bat-shaped thing he had used to get us in here. I quickly surveyed his body for any damage. There was some blood splattered on his boots but other than that he looked perfect.

He grabbed my hand and together we plunged into the dark foul smelling depths of the meat locker. Tank pushed the thick and heavy door back and with a click of the latch fell. There was no light in this room which made our sense of smell even more sensitive. We both dropped to the floor in the hope of finding some fresh air there. The smell was suffocating but I didn’t complain. Outside something solid and determined threw itself against the door.

Tank’s outstretched hands touched me. He pulled himself across the floor to me and wrapped himself around my back draping his arms around me.

“Ohh Tank, are you alright? They didn’t hurt you did they? Are you going to be alright?”

He didn’t speak for a minute and I felt my heart ache. Maybe he was hurt. I didn’t see any injuries but maybe I missed something. I quickly turned in his arms and ran my hands down his chest.

“Where are you hurt Tank? You shouldn’t have done that. You didn’t need to hold them off like that.”

“You’re worried about me, Miss Kate?” his voice was rough, “No one’s every worried about Tank before Ma’am.”

“Don’t tease me Tank. I’m sure you have had plenty of girls all worried over you.”

“No Ma’am. The girls didn’t like Tank like that. I ain’t the type of man that they wanted to worry about.”

“Really? Well, I was worried about you Tank. Now tell me where you are hurt.”

“Depends on the type of hurt you are talking about, Ma’am,” he whispered his voice still heavy with some deep emotion, “The Zombies didn’t hurt me. I’ll be fine Miss Kate once I settle down some.”

I felt it pushing into my thigh and understood what he was referring to. Even though he was obviously turned on, I couldn’t reciprocate. The smell, the inky darkness and the muffled groans of the Tight just did nothing for me romantically. My nausea outshone all other feelings.

“I hope our second date is better than this one,” I whispered.

“Our second date?” Tank shuffled closer to me, “You’d go on a second date with me Miss Kate?”

“Of course Tanks, why wouldn’t I?”

“I didn’t go on many dates before. The girls wanted me in their beds not as their dates.” He paused as if he didn’t want to tell me something. I waited. Finally he blurted it out, “I ain’t smart Miss Kate. Momma said that the Lord was so busy making me beautiful that he forgot to fill my head. So the girls were happy to ride the Tank but didn’t want to be seen out with me.”

“Well I disagree. You got us here didn’t you? You have plenty in your head Tank. And I want to go on a date with you.”

“Would you feel that way if there were other fella’s around here?”

“I could say the same thing to you Tank. I’m not exactly cheerleader material. I doubt you would look at me if I wasn’t the only girl you’d seen in months.”

He didn’t say anything he just held me in the darkness. I closed my eyes and listened to the steady beat of his heart. With no light there seemed no point keeping my eyes open so I just relaxed into his arms. I snuggled closer as exhaustion claimed me.

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