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A Knight Of Regret (AKTR Vol2)

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Heartbreak, curses & betrayal plague the lovers. Fate intervenes &, while Torc falls, Maeb must hold onto her love as her world comes crashing down. Will she regret her choices or will she endure?


Chapter 13



This is not a series, thus this book is a continuation of A Knight to Remember not a stand-alone novel. You must read Volume 1. The story was too long to be a single novel so it is being split into Volumes to make it easier to access & read.

Each Volume will continue directly from the previous without any summary or preamble as they are being released in quick succession. Please let me know if it needs a blurb at the beginning and I will add it.


Secondly, this volume starts off dark and twisted, with some disturbing themes. This is not what this book is about and these violent and abusive references are limited to the first few chapters of AKOR. I apologize if it offends, but it is important to the story line as it explains and sets the scene for the rest of the book. I hope you continue to read as I adore the characters and the their love.

Cheers, Maree.


The next three days were bliss. We spent most of the days and all of the nights together. I thought that with constant exposure, his lusts would wain, but this proved false. His need for me intensified with each passing day and he took me as often as our time allowed. I might have found it tiring but he proved to be adventurous with positioning and his creativity made it quite exhilarating.

I was starting to worry that this curse might become troublesome. I thought I could prove that it was all in his head, however he seemed adamant that this superstition was in fact a true condition. He was not willing to waiver, and I couldn’t have him sheathed in me continuously. It made me anxious knowing that, unless I cured him of this belief, we couldn’t avoid being found-out.

The other concern which vexed me was his apparent wish to have me carry his child. He was oblivious to reason on this matter too. Not matter how much I spoke of responsibilities, vows and the dangers of the King knowing that he was not the father, Torc seemed to not listen. He drowned me in his seed and touched my abdomen with reverence, speaking as if it was a predestined event. I continued to take the tonic, but he didn’t seem to find that at all and impediment to his plan.

I woke on the morning of the fourth day. The sun streamed thought the open window and kissed his body. I loved this time of the day. He was as always erect but, while asleep, was not thrusting it at me and I was able to admire the man undisturbed.

He was so perfect. His face, muscular body, smooth skin, sand coloured hair, and his impressive manhood all made an impressive package. As if he read my mind, his manhood twitched at wobbled. He might have imperfections but his looks were not one. I wished I could paint.

His erection throbbed again and, as I watched, a small droplet of his essence formed in the slit of his penis. I could hear it softly calling to me. Very carefully, I ran the tip of my tongue down his hard chest very slowly and only touching lightly. He groaned and smiled in his sleep. I continued and traced the muscles in his abdomen, carefully avoiding the largest muscle which was begging me for attention.

He was starting to wake. His hips pulling forward and his fists clenched the sheets in desire. His eyes were still closed and his face was slack with sleep. He was dreaming and I was guessing that I was the main feature of his fantasy. I liked that, so I decided to aid his imagery. Without touching him elsewhere, and with one swift motion, I took him in my mouth and immediately clamped down and sucked on him hard.

The assault on his manhood woke him. His body tensed as if expecting attack and for a moment I wondered if he would defend himself before he woke to find the danger was less violence and more pleasure. His hands latched onto my head and he held it by gripping the hair, he jabbed his hips upward while holding me captive. His manhood went deep into my mouth hitting my gag reflect and making me splutter and try to withdraw, but his grip was tight. He continued to thrust as I fought the need to vomit. He snarled a ‘yes’ as he ejactulated as I gasped a breath.

He released me and opened his eyes to find me vomiting his semen out over the side of the bed.

“Maeb?” he sounded half asleep, “I’m sorry. I was rough with you? I thought that was a dream.”

“You do that to me in your dreams?” I spat the last of the stuff out and grimaced at the taste.

“Yes,” he saw my face, “No, I mean, maybe.”

I raised an eyebrow at him.

“I find no pleasure in hurting you,” he clarified, “But my desperation for you, is difficult to contain. In my dreams I don’t need to hold it at bay, I am free to take you without refrain.”

“You are refraining?” I questioned, “Is the love-making we have been doing, refraining?”

“Don’t be like that,” he reached for me, “You are misunderstanding me. I only hold back my need for pleasure so that I do not overexert myself. I do not wish to chaff you or make it so you cannot be receptive to me. I encourage myself to spill my seed before I reach my full peak, thus I am able to continue without the need for pause.”

I pushed myself out of the bed and pulled the sheet off the floor to cover myself as I went to look for my clothing.

“Maeb, what’s wrong, come back to bed.”

“No Torc,” my voice cracked, “I have to go.”

“Why? What is wrong?”

“I don’t understand you,” I cried, “Your constant need for me, is that solely to conceive a child within me? Is that your only motivation?”

“I have told you that the curse is no myth,” he sighed, “My need for you is a symptom of my need to satisfy this burden, my love for you, and my need to have my seed find a home.”

“Why do you fail to understand the danger in those words?” I stood looking at him reclining on the bed, “Why can you not accept my warnings?”

“I must get you pregnant,” he looked away, “I have no choice now.”

“Your foolish pride is going to get us killed Torc,” I exclaimed, “I won’t let you do this. I will not allow myself to fall with child.”

“I have no choice, Maeb,” he said quietly again, “There is no going back.”

“Yes, there is,” I growled, “There are other ways of satisfying. I can take you in my mouth or you can push yourself between my breasts until you release onto my skin, we can find other ways. I know you need me every second of the day, but we must manage this and you must try to endure the pain.”

“No Maeb, I have no choice,” he said this differently, slower, putting the emphasis on the pronoun.

“You,” I tried to understand what he was saying by repeating his statement back at him hoping that would make it clearer, “You have no choice?”

He looked at me without saying anything. His expression said it all for him.

Something was wrong, something was very wrong. With my heart beating itself out of my chest, I tossed on my dress and pulled back my hair off my face. I looked in no way presentable, but I hoped that it would not be necessary. Unfortunately, Torc’s demeanour did nothing to convince me that my presumption was wrong.

During my haste, he sat uncharacteristically quietly on the bed. He was not convincing me to return to his lovemaking nor was he telling me that my absence would be missed. He simply sat there looking at anything but my hurt expression, like a man who had blindly accepted his fate and was just awaiting the hangman.

I straightened myself, I might be wrong, and opened the bedroom door just a fraction. Nothing. I almost breathed a deep sigh of relief, but before I could laugh off my paranoia I saw what I feared. One of the King’s guards was standing in the hall, not walking, not passing by, and not looking like he should be anywhere other than stationed outside the door.

I panicked. I spun back into the bedroom and, ignoring the man who had not moved to combat this threat, I headed for the doors onto the garden. But I did not get far in that direction either. Through the shutters I could see the outline of yet another man. There were guards stationed on the doors. The exits were blocked.

I closed my eyes and the tears came. The fantasy of being happy was at an end. The real world was back and would punish me for ever thinking that I had a right to dream. I was snared in the trap. I took the bait and feasted on the illusion until I was so deep down the rabbit’s-hole that I could no longer see the harsh light of reality.

I honestly thought we could do this. I sincerely believed that there was some chance that we could live like this. I should have stuck to my word when I left him. I should have resisted the cravings. But instead I allowed myself to believe in something that I had no right to imagine, happiness.

I cried. The sobs broke my chest open as I slid down the wall and ended up on the floor. I would be strong later. I would never allow that man to see me break before him, but right now, in the company of my lover, I crumbled into a wretched mess.

The tears came thick and fast. I held nothing back as my heart shattered. I blamed myself. I was weak. I cried in grief, sorrow, and remorse. I wailed in helplessness, misery, and in regret for all the experiences yet to come that I would never see. I was powerless and trapped in a prison of my own design.

“It is all going to be alright, don’t cry,” Torc had come over to sooth me, “I have a deal with the King.”

“What?” I stopped crying with those few words, “What did you just say?”

“I have a deal with the King,” Torc repeated, “It’s going to be alright.”

I felt all the misery and self-loathing drain from my body. It was immediately replaced with something far more cold and remote. I felt the shock sober me as the idle fear morphed into fury, terror and dread, all mixed together within my veins.

“You, have, a, deal, with, the King!” I yelled each word individually before combining in case my outrage wasn’t clear, “You have a deal with the King?”

“Yes,” he whispered back, “he needs an heir and I need you. But he didn’t give me much choice. He found out Maeb.”

“What did you do Torc?” I whimpered.

“It isn’t as bad as you think,” he forced a smile, “You see, I think he has known about us for some time. He let it go. It didn’t upset him. He seemed happy for us. He was reasonable and generous.”

“What,” I found the words difficult, “Did you do, Torc?”

“It’s a good deal,” Torc wasn’t looking at me, “It’s the best deal we can hope for.”

“Torc,” I closed my eyes, “Why would you do this?”

“Because I get you,” he said simply, “He will release you to me in exchange for an heir. All we need to do is give him a child and we will be free. Free, Maeb, and able to be together without fear.”

“Torc,” I felt the tears returned, “No. Tell me you didn’t agree to this?”

“It is a good deal,” Torc whispered, “And I had no choice but to agree. I need you in my life. I will not watch you executed.”

“But,” I tried to find the words to tell him how wrong he was.

“He expects you to be pregnant,” he whispered as he looked back at the bed, “I must ensure that you are with child.”

“No! Stay away from me,” I pushed myself away from him, “I will not fall, I have taken the potion, your deal will not succeed.”

“He knows about the potion,” Torc exhaled, “Even I know the herbalists have some sort of elixir to deter the seed setting.”

“No,” I caught his meaning, “He didn’t?”

“He paid off the herbalist,” Torc grimaced at my expression of horror, “He said that all the women have been swilling a bitter brew of fermented quince tea.”

“No,” I gasped as I pushed myself to stand and frantically looked around the room as if there was an exit hidden from me until now, “It was fraudulent? Of no protection? Since when?”

“Since the beginning,” Torc had returned to sit on the bed as I paced the room like a caged lion.

“All the women? All of the potion?” I was grasping at straws, “Surely there was some that was genuine? Someone would have known. Perhaps, the herbalist swindled him and actually delivered the correct formula.”

“Maeb, the time is right,” Torc looked back to bed crumpled bed, “And he promised me that he would release you if we gave him an heir. It is a small price to pay.”

“A small price?” I scoffed, “Those are his words not yours. And you believed his lies?”

“Why would he lie?”

“Because he lies Torc. That is what he does,” I was having trouble controlling my rage, “He will take the child and he will kill us both, no evidence, and no loose threads. Then he will corrupt our child and make it into an evil, unloved, and cruel facsimile of himself. He will not nurture or care for our son or daughter, he will use it and abuse it until it is twisted and miserable.”

Torc frowned as if he doubted my words.

“What he has done to me during our marriage,” I tried make him see the truth, “He will do to the child except, unlike me, infant will not understand and will not be resilient enough to resist his foul demeanour.”

“But he said,” Torc started to say but must have seen my expression because his words vanished.

“I will not doom my child to be his pawn,” I growled at him, “I will die either way. Better it be now rather than later under these conditions. I will not allow you to do this to me.”

“I love you Maeb,” he mumbled as he looked abashed, “I had no choice. I am sorry. All I wanted was to be with you. We can have more children.”

“Torc,” I felt my heart break for his foolishness, “Children are not a commodity to be traded. I cannot barter my baby for my freedom and continue to live as if this was an acceptable trade. It is unforgivable to abandon a child to that fate. I would not be able to live with myself.”

“I didn’t think of it like that,” he exhaled, “I should have spoken to you but the King was adamant that I make the decision independently and keep it from you as long as possible to ensure a smooth conception.”

“What was the other side of the deal?” I suddenly realized that there would be more to this.

“I will send for the King and tell him the deal is off that I will take the penalty,” he frowned, “It was my decision and now I will rescind and endure the cost.”

“What cost?” I pushed him, “What did you agree to?”

“It isn’t much,” Torc looked away, “It’s a humiliation more than a price. He told me that if I am unable to comply, that he will make me his dog. He will take my freedom and have me be his attack dog, guard dog, or breeding hound. I will give my body in compensation.”

“No,” I gasped, “What have you done? How could you agree to those terms?”

“They were the only terms offered to me,” Torc said, “I saw no other way forward.”

“I will not give my child to him,” I gasped, “But I cannot give you to him either, especially not under those conditions. Would death not have been an easier choice?”

“I signed the agreement,” he was looking at the door, “It is my responsibility to take the consequences.”

“We could escape?” I looked to the door, “You could overpower the one solitary guard that is out there. We could vanish into the night?”

“Even for a whore, who lacks virtue,” the door was flung open. There stood the King. He had obviously been woken from bed. “That is deceitful. The man before you signed a contract and marked it with his blood. He is bound to it by his knightly reputation. Only a slut would suggest such dishonor.”

“Your Majesty,” Torc dropped from the bed to kneel before the King, “Forgive me. I was a fool to sign such an agreement.”

“The bitch has you by the balls,” the King laughed, “Here was I thinking that you were a man. Tell her to get fucked and then fuck her.”

“I can’t do that, sire,” he didn’t lift his head.

“Well, Maeb, you have him cupped tightly,” the King sighed, “I guessed that you might be difficult when you caught on to our little arrangement. You both have been fucking each other senseless since he stepped foot into my house, and yet now I give my blessing you act righteous. Fucking is fucking, just open your legs and let him wank himself off into your womb.”

“Sire,” Torc growled, “I will not comply with the agreement. I will not take her against her will. I love her.”

“Under the terms of our agreement that makes you mine to command,” the King grinned with cold eyes, “You are now my dog. You will eat when I tell you to eat, shit when I tell you to shit, and fuck when I command. Fuck her dog.”

“Sire?” he was still kneeling on the floor.

“Fuck the bitch,” the King spoke slowly as if talking to a lesser creature.

“I said that I couldn’t do that,” Torc tried again.

“And I listened,” the King nodded sincerely, “But that was when you were a free man. Then you reneged and became mine to play with. Now you wear my leash and you fuck her when I tell you to get your cock into her hole.”

“I can’t,” Torc stuttered.

“Your cock differs,” the King laughed at Torcs semi hard erection, “A couple of pumps and it will be good to go.”

“I won’t,” Torc refused but his erection wasn’t listening.

“Good dog,” the King spoke to his penis, “Good boy, go get her.”

“You can’t,” Torc started to say but stopped when he saw the Kings expression.

“Torc, don’t be such a pussy, I didn’t give you a choice, Guards,” Three guards came into the room and stood looking at the wall, “Strip the Queen and tie her face down on the bed.”

I prepared to fight.

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