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A Knight's Resolve (AKTR Vol.3)

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The final volume. Johnathon & Thomas are on a quest to clear their family name and to win Maeb's heart. With the King at their heels and the truth coming out, will treason be the only method of securing a future for her child. Her choices will mean war for the kingdom.

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This is not a series, thus this book is a continuation of A KNIGHT TO REMEMBER & A KNIGHT OF REGRET not a stand-alone novel. You must read Volume1&2. The story was too long to be a single novel, so it is being split into Volumes to make it easy to access & read.

I have included a summary as there was some confusion about the history of the characters. I wanted to make it clear – Torc and Maeb are not relations – Torc’s mother Grace was engaged to Maeb’s father Robert but they were never lovers nor did they marry. Grace eloped with Torcall (on of Robert’s friends) and Robert married his lover Siobhan. I hope that the summary helps – if it doesn’t please let me know.

Enjoy, Maree.

A Knight To Remember Volume

A quick summary of the lead characters and their relationships.

1)Lord Donnall = Lady <unnamed> (deceased – childbirth)

1a)Alexander (deceased – horse riding accident) = Niamb (deceased – childbirth)

1b)Charles (deceased – Murdered) = Eve

1c)Lord Robert = Lady Siobhan (> inherited titles)

1ci)Maeb = King Edward


2)Lord Maine = Lady <unnamed>

2a)Torcall (mistress = Grace)

2ai)Jonathan (aka Torc) – illegitimate child

2aii)Thomas - illegitimate child

3)Lord <unknown> = Lady <unnamed>

3a)Percival = Lady <unknown>

3ai)Percival (aka Percy)

4)King <unknown> = Queen <unknown>

4a)King Edward = Queen <unknown> (deceased – beheaded infidelity) = Queen Maeb

The Four Friends

Robert – Fiancé of Grace – third Son and inherited the title of Lord Donnall

Percival – will inherit the title of Lord Percival from his father

Edward – next in line to the throne

Torcall – next inline to inherit the title of Lord Maine from his father


Summary of Events – Historically Listed

Grace (daughter of a Merchant) is engaged to Robert (3rd son of a Lord Donnall). He treats her poorly because he is in love with Siobhan (the sister of his brother’s wife) and wishes to marry her but cannot. He is abusive to Grace.

Alexander’s (Robert’s older brother) wife (Niamb) dies in childbirth and then he dies in a horse-riding accident soon after. This leaves Charles (the second brother) as the next in line for Lord Donnall’s title. Lord Donnall is a man obsessed with his bloodline and is very hard on his sons.

Roberts friends are Torcall (Son of Lord Maine), Percival (Only son of a Lord), and Edward (next in line for the Throne). Torcall has sex with many women but falls in love with Grace and they start an affair. Percival discovers the affair.

Torcall and Grace decide to elope. As they run away they are caught by Percival who tells them that Charles has been murdered and they are suspected of killing him. He tells them that Robert and Edward are hunting for them, and Lord Donnall wants their heads. It seems unlikely that they will get a fair trial. They cannot go to Torcall’s family as this will only bring war to his father’s door. They find a quiet place hidden in the woods and decide to live simply. They have 2 sons – Johnathon and Thomas.

Robert inherits his father’s title and marries Siobhan. They have 2 children – Maeb and Colm. Edward becomes King. Percival has one son – Percy who lives at Robert’s castle and is brought up with Maeb.

Torcall hears that his father is ill and leaves his family to clear his name and see his father before he dies. He does not return nor is there any news of his whereabouts. Grace assumes that he is dead. Johnathon leaves home searching for his father and glory and encounters a woman who claims herself to be a witch. She gifts him with warrior abilities on the proviso that he has sex very frequently. He goes by the name Torc and wins the King Edward's favor.

Maeb is brought up to fight by her father who treats her as his son. Once she gets older, she and Percy often run away and join the tournament circuit. She dresses as a male and fights under the name Lord Maine (which is Torcall’s fathers name – unbeknownst to her). Her father discovers this and marries her to King Edward, against her wishes, as his second wife (his first is beheaded as she did not produce any children).

Torc and Maeb become lovers (ignorant of the history that their fathers share). Edward prefers males and Maeb fears she will end up beheaded like his first wife. However, it is Edward who encourages the union and manipulates Torc’s superstitions in order to have him impregnate Maeb. Edward plans of claiming the child as his own, allowing him an heir and the freedom of not having to marry another woman.

Maeb, Percy and Douglas kidnap Torc and take him away in the hope of ‘curing’ him of his superstitions and saving his life, as they believe the King will kill him once Maeb is with child. They devise a story that Torc has committed suicide to tell the King. Maeb becomes the new leader of the twelve in his absence. She is pregnant with Torc’s child.

Torc sends message to Maeb that he does not plan on returning as he believes that the King will allow her to live as his heir’s mother. She runs away and suffers a breakdown. She is cared for by Grace and Thomas (who tried to rob her in the forest). She stays with them under the name Blossom. Grace recognizes the name ‘Torc’ and suspects that she has a connection to her son.

Thomas falls in love with her. Maeb, believing that Torc does not love her and has left her, becomes Thomas’ lover as he offers her a quiet life. They have sex at the waterfall which is the place Thomas’ parents believe as sacred and where they ‘married’. They return to find Torc/Johnathon visiting Grace.

Maeb is discovered and Torc confesses his love and his regret for leaving her. Grace tells Johnathon and Thomas of their father’s title and the history as to what happened before their birth.


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Weitere Empfehlungen

Kim Williams: AMAZING BOOK! I highly recommend it.This author's writing style is commendable. This book is filled with action and humor.It also has a very strong female protagonist, which I love.The only downside is that I finished it too quickly, and now I'm jonesing (don't know if I spelled that correctly...

Katie: Good book so far, really pulls you in.Good storyline, good details.. we see what's more to come...

Tine75: Tolle spannende Geschichte🥰freu mich schon auf den 2ten Teil😍

Bam.jk8338: Estuvo bien redactado y bien explicito, eso me gustó

Stephanie: Sehr schön geschrieben

annemirl56: Toller Schreibstil wie immer und sehr erotisch 😘😘muss auch dabei sein, sonst istces langweilig 😘

Molly: I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start this one as the characters are a bit younger but I wanted to see if this poor girl would finally be able to be free of abuse and open to accept love (family) and be able to heal. It’s is great so far, minimal spelling errors, I think the Spanish isn’t necessary ...

jjapes: Gelungene Story. Hier und da ein paar Wort und Satz Fehler-lässt sich aber dennoch flüssig lesen. Danke dir fürs teilen deiner Phantasie!

Weitere Empfehlungen

Leticia: Esto es épico, la historia detrás, Y todo! Enserio Amo este trabajo, la creadora enserio es súper talentosaaa!!<3

Amy: Die beiden sind sooo süß zusammen.... und der Humor gefällt mir auch gut 😉 selbst Rita ist lustig 😂

Beatriz Selene: I like the way the writer wrote the novel, it keeps you want to read more and more.

LaQuiche: Amazing for this slow build up to be so satisfying! Definitely a guilty pleasure!

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