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What A Smile Can Hide

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Grace Walker, a straight A student and a goody too shoes. Although that's what everyone thought, can good grades and a smile blind everyone from seeing the truth? With abusive adoptive parents, bullies and a little brother to look after, how will Grace cope. Mason Reed, one of Grace’s worst bullies. He sees something else in Grace. Something that she hides from everyone else with just a smile. Pain, something so simple to hide in a smile but something so hard to hide in you eyes. Warning: Violence, bullying and abuse.

Drama / Other
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Grace Walker

- 17 nearly 18 years old

- Waist length dark brown hair

- Dark brown eyes

Jaxon Walker (Grace Walkers little brother)

- 5 years old

- Short brown hair

- Dark brown eyes

Charles Johnston (Grace and Jaxon's adoptive father)

- Grey hair

- 47 years old

- Hazel eyes

Frances Johnston (Charles Johnston's wife)

- Blonde hair

- Light brown eyes

- 43 years old

Mason Reed

- Black hair

- Blue eyes

- 18 years old

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AngelaInes MunozCordero: Lectura rápida, un poco enredado con tanta información sobre la historia de cada familia y su vinculación con cada una de las otras, me gusto la trama, gracias por la lectura, me atrapo.

Charlie : I love how captivating this story is I can't wait to see what happens next

S shivani Reddy: i Loved this can u pls update the story as soon as possible the story has very good desceription and the characters are all so very good, i like it and i Loved the story

Chiemeziem: This book is nice if you're looking for a short easy going romance. No smut. Read this book cuz I bet you're going to love it

aduerr46: I enjoyed this story so much, it is so exciting! I need more. Please update soon

Hilda Alejandra: La trama esta bien, el romance y la recomiendo a quien le guste la lectura, buen eacrito felicidades a la autora

Betty: Très beau livre .j adore je suis à fond dedans

Jennifer Leigh Anne Ciliska: Wow!! Loved it!! Thank you for sharing your story with me

Nguzi Banda: - I liked May’s character very strong and educative, she managed to deal with mental issues

Weitere Empfehlungen

Claudia Maciel: Me gusta la trama, bien contada los personajes potentes, espero pronto el desenlace y final, y espero sea feliz.

Lisa: I love this book series and can't wait to read more of them. Excellent writing 💯

Chantal Will: Ich finde es einfach nur fantastisch 🫶 freue mich wenn es weiter Kapitel geben wird 🫶🤩😇

Diane: Your writing just keeps getting better and better!

Deleted User: The fact that the book ends before she even goes on the date/dinner is so frustrating. But Even though...I love your story and the rollercoasters it takes me on. 💚🖤🖤⚔☠😁☠⚔🖤🖤💚

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