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Realm of Impossibilities (TEMPTATION SERIES BOOK 3)

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While trying to find every impossibility we can to ensure our win against Chaos, I don’t expect to find an IDEA, one that’s wholly unattached from either side. He's not what I expected but he's just what we need. However, learning from Order that nothing is at it seems is going to upend all of plans we've made, because I've finally found my true essence but it's at the cost of everything I've worked so hard for.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

*This novella is the third installment in the Temptation Series. Without reading the first installment – Taming My Demons – and the second installment – Game of Insanity – none of what’s about to happen is going to make any sense. This is also a rough draft so, I apologize upfront for all grammatical and structural errors. Feel free to point them out so I can fix them.*

**This novella follows directly after the second with the same dark themes and off-the-wall moments when it comes to the spice. EVERYTHING IS CONSENSUAL but there are several uncommon/uncomfortable scenes that include somnophilia, orgy chains, stimming, oculolinctus, bondage, impact play, food play, knismolagnia, shibari (possibly), klismaphilia, and lots of talk about heaven/hell and the natural order of the world. There are a LOT of toxic love situations, bad decisions, and many ‘what the fuck’ moments. On top of that - yes, there's more! - this is more than just a 'why choose' romance. It's more than a polyromance. There's a large number of partners and they love each other equally and unconditionally. Don’t like that? Please don’t read this.**

Quick Recap on the Names - at the end of this chapter


We had made it back to Chance’s house in one piece but I found it very strange being there with all of my mates, especially Virtue and Insanity, whilst navigating Raphael and Guilt. Both of them had been father figures at one point and I had all but brought my nine boyfriends to the house.

They seemed comfortable enough around Chance as Guilt dragged me into another room and forced me onto my knees to pray. He seemed really desperate to make sure that Order heard his prayer but I had no idea how that was supposed to work.

“Again,” Guilt demanded.

I growled at him but did it anyway, knowing exactly what was going to happen. I clasped my hands together and bowed my head, giggling when a disgruntled Chance stumbled into the room. “Would you fucking quit it? Guilt, get over yourself. I’m her god now. You can’t reach the big man in heaven but I’m sure he’s fine.”

Guilt shook his head, “He’s not. I just need-”

Mon and Belphe pushed their way into the room and pulled me off my knees. Belphe bent over to wipe my legs off and Mon just glared at Guilt. “You might have brought her into existence but you don’t get to treat her like shit.”

“Don’t you get it?” Guilt screamed. He’d been hysterical ever since we had gotten back this morning. “This is it. The end. Chaos is gunning for that seat and if we keep just lying around and-”

Oh, he didn’t. I stepped up into his face, jabbing my finger into his chest. He had been trying to make us feel guilty all day. “You’re not going to belittle the fact that my mates and I just went to purgatory to get X and Dom. I don’t understand what your problem is but I mourned you. I cried actual tears for you when you were perished out of existence. And now you show up and the only thing you want is to talk to Order. What about me? What about the little girl you called your daughter? Huh? Nothing? Right, because I never mattered to you. I was just a means to an end. I’m not asking for your apology but you don’t get to order me the fuck around.”

Guilt opened his mouth to apologize but I was done hearing shit from him. Just for good luck, I clasped my hands together one last time.

“God, if you can hear this shit, answer me and everyone in this room so that my dad can leave me the fuck alone.”

Silence filtered into the room as well as shock. You didn’t just talk to god like that and get away with it. A few seconds later, we heard a voice drop down into the room. It was a little strange that it wasn’t attached to a body, but it was definitely coming from Heaven.

“Ah, it’s so very good to hear from you, Ariuk. I was wondering when you would call. Your lessons have been going very well. What’s up?”

I had no idea how Order was supposed to answer so I just waited for Guilt to respond for me. My dad’s brows furrowed as if he were sifting through memories, the darkness and fear in his eyes making me step back into the comfort of my mates’ embraces.

“That’s not Order,” Guilt said. “That’s Mischief.”

There were more IDEAs on this Earth? Mischief cackled. “Ah, you found me. Thought I’d be able to hide that secret just a little longer before you caught on. I should have known Uriel there, or should I say Guilt, would be able to tell the difference in our voices.”

I stood open-mouthed, Guilt letting out a sob wholly uncharacteristic of who he’d become. “Order is supposed to be in heaven. What happened?”

Mischief clicked his tongue, obviously enjoying the chaos he was arousing. “Beats me. I just know that some things went wrong and the seat was empty long enough for me to take it. I should warn you that someone might want to find Order though because things are about to get a little crazy if Chaos finds out.” The prayer ended, Chance looking just as worried as Guilt.

I knew it was a problem to have Mischief in Heaven because that meant that everything that had been going wrong, was his fault. Mischief had been barred from Heaven and Hell for centuries as it was allowed to play with creation but not existence itself.

Chance dragged his hands through his hair, a deep sigh following the motion. “If Order was perished out of existence, we’d know. The imbalance of the earth would be seen. If he’s subdued or they’re bleeding him to return order into nothingness, then we won’t see it till it’s too late. Which means Order wasn’t perished. He just doesn’t exist. If we’re going to win, we’re going to have to find every fucking impossibility we can get our hands on and hope and pray they choose our side.”

My head kind of exploded because I didn’t understand any of that. But what I did know was that we needed more than just the people in this house. We were going to need every last helper out there. A couple of weeks ago, I had just been a lowly Angel that had lost her father and had been outcast by her so-called friends. And now I was Temptation surrounded by her mates and ready to take on the IDEAs that were intent on destroying my world.

IDEAs – Opportunity, Possession, Chance (King of Hell/the devil), Chaos (Jophiel – Archangel), Order (God), War, Time, Fulfillment, Mischief

Impossibilities – Temptation (Ariuk), Guilt (Uriel)

Seven Sins – Satan (Nick/Wrath), Lucifer (Luc/Pride), Belphegor (Belphe/Sloth), Leviathan (Levi/Envy), Mammon (Mon/Greed), Asmodeus (Deus/Lust), Beezelbub (Zel/Gluttony)

Other Mates - Virtue (Wisdom/Dom), Insanity (X/Xog’thuan/Ozias)

Angels – Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Domiel (Ariuk’s ex)

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