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Steamy Business (Completed)

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A short, sexy, and fluffy story about Gyda and her employer, Orvar the orc. Stand-alone AU short story after my Orc Of Mine series.

Erotica / Romance
S. Glasssvial
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Chapter 1

Life could be a struggle sometimes. Especially being an orc in a bloody hot world where the orc/human ratio was twenty/eighty percent and female orcs were nearly nonexistent.

Finding a suitable mate was harder than ever. But the truth was that Orvar had already found the woman he wanted to call his mate. Her name was Gyda, a human, and she had been his trustworthy secretary for over a year now. He’d fallen for her, he just didn’t have the balls to tell her.

He smiled, having his eyes on her right now, staring at her from behind his desk.

Just seeing her was enough to put a big grin on his face. Gyda was still working hard, typing away, occasionally taking a sip of tea from her pink penguin mug. He could watch her for hours and dream about her all night, and he still wouldn’t be bored.

He shamelessly jacked off every evening, fantasizing about her. Imagining those round, big breasts squeezed in his hands, her sweet wet pussy pressed against his tongue, and those plump pink lips wrapped around his big, fat—

“Fuck, shit.” Orvar tore his gaze away when Gyda’s honey-colored eyes met his. “Don’t stare at her all creepy, you dumbass,” he mumbled, looking at his watch.

It was already eight o’clock so Gyda should go home. Now it was summer, the days were longer, but he still didn’t like her going home late.

The CEO reached for the button, calling her desk via intercom. “Gyda,” he said.

“Yes, sir?” came her soft voice.

“You should go home now, but can you please bring me the files of Michaelson Constructions first?”

“Yes, I’ll be right there.”

“Thank you.” Orvar released the button and rubbed his hands over his face.

Shit, he was so pathetic. He wasn’t even working on the Michaelson Constructions’ case right now, let alone in need of their company files. He just wanted to see her from up close, hear her voice one last time—not via intercom, but for real. He just had to see her, had to talk to her, before she went home again and he had to wait for a whole day again.

Somehow, they always ended up being the last ones in the office and that last moment before she left was his favorite time of the day. Just them, nobody else. Even if it was just a few glances that were shared, a few words, a few whiffs of her scent crawling up his nose, it was amazing.

He’d been crushing on her for half a year now. Crushing hard, ever since the company’s Christmas party, when Gyda had surprised him with a sudden kiss on the cheek.

“Mistletoe,” she’d said, looking up. To Orvar’s surprise, there was indeed a little green branch hanging above their heads. He honestly hadn’t noticed it, but Beatrice, his second secretary, had made fun of him, telling them both that he had tricked her into standing beneath the symbol of love. Gyda had chuckled and said she didn’t mind if he had, then winked at him. That was the moment the tall orc had fallen for his little secretary.

Gyda was a dream. Sweet, smart, curious, ambitious. She was a hard worker and never hesitated to give everything her all.

Orvar often watched her during work. Just watched the way she could graciously type reports, talk on the phone, or make coffee. It was in the way she moved and looked at him.

But he hadn’t dared to make a move for two reasons. He knew she had been through a nasty breakup last year and had sworn not to date anybody any time soon. And also because he knew an amazing, beautiful, smart, funny woman like her wouldn’t be interested in someone like him, an orc, no matter how successful he was in life.

He had built his company from scratch and stood at the very top of the business world. He could easily buy women if he wanted to. He had the millions to do so. But Orvar didn’t want that, even though he had seen the success stories of just buying a bride—a solution many orc men picked.

Jarla, his best friend, had actually bought one of Orvar’s employees. Amira was her name, a girl with frizzy curls. They seemed to be very happy together.

Ston, another friend, had bought some fiery woman named Betsy. They started off quite explosive but seemed to have found love over the years. So an arranged marriage could work.

But Orvar simply didn’t want to settle on buying a woman. Maybe if his heart hadn’t been captured, he would have. Maybe he would have bought a whole harem of women, just for him. But not now. Now, he only wanted one.

The door opened and Gyda came in walking. The goddess of his dreams.

“Here you go,” she said, bending over to put the files on his desk, her cleavage showing more parts of her breast than Orvar could handle. Now it was hotter outside, Gyda’s outfits also seemed to get hotter by the day.

His heart instantly started beating faster, his palms sweating, his face heating. God, what was he? Fucking sixteen years old or something? What grown-ass man acted like a little horny schoolboy seeing a woman’s cleavage?

He took hold of his black silk tie. “Thank you, Gyda,” he said, loosening up his tie, pulling at the knot. She looked at him with a worried look, so he asked, “Is something wrong?”

“No, it’s just that…you look a little stressed.” She cocked her head to the side, studying his face.

It was so adorable that she was worried about him. She was so kind and caring.

“Oh, I’m fine.” Orvar grabbed the stack of files and looked at them. “It’s been busy.”

Gyda chuckled. “I know.”

“I wouldn’t know how to handle this business without you,” Orvar said, which was true in a way. He could always get a new secretary, but none of them would be her. And his mood would forever be ruined.

She bit her lip and, shit, it looked so sexy that Orvar squeezed the files in his large hands. He wanted to kiss those lips so badly.

“You know…” she said, walking around the desk, halting her steps behind him. “I am famous for my massages.”

Orvar swallowed, feeling her presence behind him. “You are?”

•• ━━━━━ ••~•• ━━━━━ ••

Every day, Gyda would hint at the man to make a move. And every day, he seemed to miss her flirtatious behavior.

Really, how dense was he?

It was time to take action into her own hands. He was her boss, so the possibility of getting fired was there, but she couldn’t live another day staring at his muscles and not feeling them underneath her touch. Even though they were hidden underneath the soft white fabric of his shirt, Gyda could still see the contours of his round biceps and those large pecs stretching the front. But his broad shoulders…those had to be her favorite part of his body. How would it feel to be embraced by him? She bet it felt so warm and safe.

“Yes.” She laid her hands on top of his shoulders and slowly caressed the round muscles through his shirt. Fuck, he was hard as a rock. “Would you like a demonstration?” she asked, hoping it wouldn’t be too bold.

“Uh…s-sure,” Orvar answered, cocking his head from left to right, cracking his joints.

“Oh, that doesn’t sound good.”

“Yeah… It’s been a while since I got a massage.”

Now was her chance. Would Orvar finally take the hint she wanted to be around him? Wanted to touch him?

“In that case, may I invite you over for a proper massage? I’m actually really good at it. I took a few courses in the past. I even have my own table.”

“You want me to come over to your house for a massage?” Orvar asked, turning his head around so fast to look at her that she could hear it crack again.

Had she crossed a boundary?

“I mean… If you want? I don’t—I mean, I didn’t want—”

“I want to!” he shouted before clearing his throat. In a softer voice, he added, “What I want to say is, yes, I would like to get massaged by you.”

She felt her cheeks burn. “Okay,” she said. “Is it okay if I go home now, set everything up, and see you in about two hours? We can have dinner at my place too. If it’s not too late for you?”

Orvar nodded. “No. I mean, yes, that would work for me.”


Two hours had passed, and Gyda had made dinner—meat for him, pasta for her— before she’d set up her massage table. She’d collected all the oils she could find, made sure there were enough towels, cranked up the air conditioning because she knew Orvar detested heat, and searched for some relaxing music.

She had also thoroughly cleaned herself, shaved until she was silky smooth, washed her hair, wore sexy lace lingerie underneath her yoga pants and top, and made sure that the pack of condoms in her bedside table drawer hadn’t expired.

Was she eager for his cock? Yes. Yes, she was.

But it wasn’t just about the man’s cock. Orvar was the best boss any secretary could have. He was so ambitious and honest. There weren’t many orcs that succeeded in the business world, but he had. He was amazing. An orc, but also a man, tall and dark and strong.

She couldn’t blame him for not trying anything. Nobody dared to make a move on her after she had blabbed she was done with men and never wanted to have one in her life again. It was a dark day when she got dumped by Zachary and had an emotional outburst at work. She felt so unprofessional, but instead of being angry, Orvar had given her his handkerchief.

She never gave it back, hoping he wouldn’t ask for it. Instead, she’d repaid him with a peck on the cheek during Christmas. It was the first time the man looked at her. Properly looked at her. Gyda had hoped it would make him open up to her, but it hadn’t.

“Just don’t scare him away,” she told herself, taking a deep breath. As she exhaled, the doorbell rang. “Oh, shit… Here we go.” She took another breath and headed towards the door.

She was somehow startled by seeing him not dressed in his usual business clothes but clothed in black shorts and a white tee. His hair was down, not up in his usual bun. It rested on top of his chest.

Fuck, the man looked even hotter than he usually looked. And his calves! She had never seen them but she loved what she saw now. They were so well-formed and muscled.

It took a while before she noticed she was staring at him with an open mouth and quickly tried to regain her composure.

“H-hi, please come inside.”

Orvar growled, his usual way of answering, as a human would hum, and stepped inside. “Good evening.”

“I hope you’re hungry?”

“I’m starving, actually.”

“Good. Me too,” she said, chuckling. “Let’s have dinner first. Then we could chat for a bit to let our food digest and then… then I’ll get my hands on you.”

Orvar cleared his throat. “That—that sounds like an excellent plan.”

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