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How does a criminal drug dealer/club owner react when a newly legal and naughty party girl sneaks into his 21 and over club?  Well, not very nice...

Erotica / Romance
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“Why don’t you come stay with us?” Jessica asked me. “At least until they sort out the business with your house.”

I hoped she would ask me this. That was why I called her in the first place. Jessica and I went way back to... I don’t even remember when. She’s older than me so maybe she was one of my mom’s friends. I really can’t remember. Being a famous music producer, you meet so many people it’s hard to keep track of them all.

I had bought a mansion before moving to LA but when I got here the real estate agent told me an engineer from the city had recently deemed the house unsafe and I couldn’t move in until a certain criteria had been met. I’m pretty certain it was a bribe, everyone out here either wants money or fame or money and fame. Everyone. Jessica included. But all the money I had that didn’t go to the mansion, I spent on a brand new recording studio.

“Yes.” I said to Jessica, probably too insistent. “You are a lifesaver. I owe you.”

“Oh nonsense”.” Jessica said. “What are friends for? I’m just about to pick Natalie up from her acting class. I’ll come get you afterwards.”

“Thank you Jessica. Sincerely.”


I tried to think of the last time I had seen Jessica or Natalie. A long time. Before they ever moved to LA. Back when they were farm-fairing country girls from the south. How old would Natalie be now? 18? 19? I’m pretty sure it was 18.

It took Jessica so long to pick me up that I would have caught a cab if I knew her address. Eventually, her SUV pulled up, packed to the limit as if they were moving house or camping.

“Sorry!” Jessica screamed from her window then looked behind her to the backseat. “Natalie, get out and say hi!”

There was a table of something next to Jessica in the front passenger seat.

The back door opened and Natalie stepped out. My mouth almost dropped. Her hair was long, flowing down her back like a waterfall. She had a flat pair of sneakers on with white ankle length socks. A tiny pair of denim short shorts with a frayed bottom and an open jacket over a tight singlet with a low neckline and a couple of buttons between her tits. The top button was undone and a smidge of cleavage and Natalie’s bra poked out. It wouldn’t have made much difference if all three buttons were undone though. While Natalie had the toned legs and tight stomach of any fit 18 year old, her tits were small.

Her hands were cupped over her fly and she stared at the ground between us.

“Manners, Natalie!” Jessica screamed from the car.

Natalie looked up, brushed some hair behind her ear, and gave me a welcoming smile. My knees almost buckled. Natalie was either the most welcoming person in the world or a great actor. She had just come from acting school, I remembered and contained my excitement. Everyone out here was overly nice, playing a game, they’d do anything for their career.

“Natalie! You’ve grown! The last time I saw you, you were…. Well, different….” I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t mean to sound so creepy but I was totally shocked.

I noticed Jessica smile out of the corner of my eye. Natalie clasped her hands back together and looked at the footpath.

“Alright, get in you two!” Jessica said.

“Mama!” Natalie turned to her mum. “I told you there is no room in the car! You need to make two trips. Really, I don’t understand why you had to stop off and buy all this junk. You knew we had to pick someone else up!”

“Oh Natalie, I’m not making two trips! Just sit on his lap.”

“Mama!” Natalie screamed. Her mouth didn’t close after the outburst, stayed open as if she was frozen in shock. Her cheeks went red like fire.

“Chop chop you two!”

Natalie bit her lip in a frown. Her brow furrowed in anger. She turned to me and gestured for me to get in the car.

I was just so eager to get home, even a temporary home, that I would have let a sumo sit on my lap. I ran for the door and got in. I was clipping the seat belt in when Natalie grabbed my hand and stopped me.

Her touch was ice cold but her eyes were filled with warmth. “I need to be strapped in too.”

“Oh yeah. Sorry.” I let the seat belt fly back.

Natalie smiled at me and climbed in the SUV. She hugged the seat in front of her and moved her body over mine. Her arse was only inches from my face. Her shorts were so short I could almost see the curve of her cheeks. Her skin was tanned and perfect, no blemishes or imperfections of any kind, as if she were an airbrushed model.

Then, suddenly, that arse was on my lap. My cock could feel the crack between her cheeks. The stud on her pockets dug into my thighs. In between her legs, a source of heat radiated outwards like the sun.

Natalie leaned back so our torsos were touching. She grabbed the seat belt and pulled it over the two of us. It was a tight fit. The strap went right through her tits, pushing the singlet flat and making her tits look huge. I gulped and tried to look away.

There was simply no room between us with the belt on. Everywhere Natalie and I could be touching was touching. I smelled her perfume, her shampoo, her natural musk, sweet, fruity and feminine.

My eyes roamed back to her tits. They were so small but, at the same time, so big! So great and desirable. A golden cross hung just above them, attached to the chain around her neck.I looked up and noticed Natalie staring at me in the rearview mirror.

“That’s a nice cross…” I said, pretending like I hadn’t been caught staring at her 18 year old tits.

Natalie smiled as if the thought never crossed her mind, as if all men were more likely to notice her necklace instead of her chest. “Thank you! I got it from my old church down south. I used to volunteer there after school and on the weekends!”

Her kindness and earnestness was disarming, especially for such a beautiful young woman. I found my hand unconsciously resting on her hip.

“So, you want to be an actress then?”

Natalie’s beautiful smile fled. I felt ashamed and sad for being responsible. Her head tilted to the side, her nose quivered and her lip arched upwards. When she finally answered, her voice was meek. “I don’t know.”

I saw Jessica watching us in the mirror. “Oh Natalie loves acting but she also loves singing. Really loves singing. Don’t ya Nat?”

“Yes mama.” Natalie agreed but her frown persisted.

“Maybe you two could write a song while we’re all living together!”

There it was. I knew there had to be a reason Jessica insisted on my moving in with her. She had always wanted to be a star herself and failed. But now she had Natalie to force her dream on and live vicariously through. I wondered if Natalie even liked singing or dancing. Then I wondered what else Jessica had planned to seduce me into making her daughter a star?


“Natalie dances as well.” Jessica said. “Don’t ya Nat?”

We were at Jessica’s now. I was sitting on one end of the couch, Natalie the other while Jessica went about folding some clothes.

I looked over at Natalie. She was red in the cheeks and leaning back into the couch, hoping it would swallow her up and save her from the embarrassment. Finally, she nodded.

Jessica smiled. “Show him Nat.” Jessica turned to me. “She’s real good. You’re gonna love it.”

I smiled like someone telling a bad joke, not wanting to offend.

Jessica patted her daughter’s knee. “Show him your stripper routine.”

“Mama!” Natalie leaned forward, screaming. “That’s indecent!”

“Oh, nonsense.” Jessica said as she got up and walked over to the wall. “It’s artistic.”

Natalie crossed her arms and glared at her mum, her cheeks still red.

“Come on.” Jessica nodded to the open space in front of the couch. “Don’t be rude.”

Natalie pulled her arms closer to her chest, twitched her nose and then got up. Jessica smiled and dialled the heat up to what looked like maximum. I was already hot but didn’t say anything. They were already doing me a favour by letting me stay here and I didn’t want to appear ungrateful.

Natalie started to move her body in the open space in front of me but it didn’t look artistic at all. She swayed around like an inflatable ad, that same glare she gave her mum still on her red face.

“Natalie!” Jessica growled in a stereotypical upset motherly tone. “Do it properly or don’t do it at all.”

Natalie stopped all together and her glare intensified.

“Really,” I started to say. “It’s fine. I believe you. I’m sure Natalie is a terrific dancer.”

I shot Natalie an encouraging smile. She returned it. And meant it. A smile twinkled in her eyes almost as if to say ‘I owe you.’

Jessica laughed. “I wouldn’t say terrific. Not yet anyway. She still needs lots of practice. And that is what she’s going to do now. Aren’t you Nat?”

Natalie sighed, leaned on one side and looked at the wall. “Yes mama.”

“Good.” Jessica said.

Natalie started to dance. REALLY dance. Her body was like art, twisting, spinning, curving, natural, fluent, graceful. She was like flowing water or a leaf in the wind. Jessica was right, Natalie wasn’t just terrific, she was unbelievable!

As she dipped and stretched, her jacket rode up her body and revealed a tanned little midriff, as tight and toned as an olympic athlete’s. The muscles in her legs tensed but were lean and subtle. Feminine.

Natalie’s face was focused and far away. The level of concentration I saw astounded me. There was enough ambition and talent in there to make even the ugliest person beautiful, on Natalie’s face it transformed her from a swan into a... well an even more beautiful and sexual swan.

And then, suddenly, Natalie dropped to her arse and spread her legs. She arched her torso upwards, thrusting her tits toward me and lay down on her back. Her legs spread even further and she started to thrust the air as if there was an imaginary man there fucking her. The zip up jacket moved up each time her hips flicked.

Natalie rolled over onto all fours so her arse was facing me. She shook her butt like a pair of maracas. The frayed bottom of her short shorts flicked around like tassels and hair whipped about like rain.

Then she dropped and rolled again, sitting back up on her arse with her hands on the ground between her legs and started to twerk her torso. The zip on her jacket rattled and slightly opened, giving me a slight view of her tiny cleavage.

But then, unfortunately, Natalie spun so she was facing the other way again and slowly pushed herself up to her feet until her arse was in line with my face. She shook it from side to side like a ribbon. Her jeans were so tight that I could see the point where her round cheeks shot off from her legs. Her hair went around in circles but I barely noticed it - so focused was I on her firm little arse - until she looked back at me over her shoulders, that same promise of smile I had seen earlier gleaming in her eyes.

I was enjoying the show so much that I barely even noticed time ticking forward. What felt like half a minute to me must have been a good five minutes. When Natalie stopped, she was puffing and sweating. Her face was redder than a tomato. Her chest heaved up and down like a wave pool. She sucked the air in with such an intensity that I could hear it rip through her body.

I suddenly realised how hot it was in that room and remembered Jessica turning the heat up. It felt like the peak of summer. I was sweating just from sitting down (and maybe a little from watching Natalie dance).

“That was good.” Jessica said. “Could have been better. But still good.” She approached her puffing and exhausted daughter. “It’s too hot in here sweetie. Here, let mama help.”

Jessica unzipped Natalie’s jacket and threw it on the floor. Natalie’s white singlet barely covered her belly button and was so tight that it made her tiny tits seem enormous. A thin band of skin poked out beneath the singlet and disappeared inside her shorts. The midriff was as flat as a square and tanned as an Italian.

Then Jessica’s hand dropped to the fly on Natalie’s denim cut offs. She unzipped it and pushed the shorts down. They slid down Natalie’s sweaty and tanned legs in an instant. Her panties were white and red but I didn’t get a chance to make out the pattern on them. Natalie’s body almost imploded. She crouched inwards and covered herself with her arms.

“Mama!” She yelled. “We have company!”

“Oh relax.” Jessica said. “He’s a producer. Girls show him their panties everyday. That’s how the music industry works Nat.”

Using one arm to cover her bra and the other to hide her panties, Natalie looked over at me with a cowering look. Her whole body was dipped forward, leaning over the ground, and her eyes were as wide and wet as her cheeks were red.

Her body was perfect. I had always thought I liked a girl with proportioned tits, leaning toward those on the bigger side, but Natalie rectified that opinion. Her tiny tits were the most beautiful pair in existence. Even though I had never seen them, I knew that to be true.

I could have stared at her forever. Would have. But luckily, I got a phone call first. I realised my mouth was hanging open, closed it and got up to answer my phone.


To Be Continued...


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