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The Secret Hybrid Child

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Dahlia was raised in a happy home until she was 15, that's when her father and mother started to ignore her. She found her mate in her senior year but knew she would be rejected. After finding her place in the pack her mother finally revealed who her real father was and with that information she found herself trying to put together who she was and stay out of his hands at the same time. Will her father find her? Will she figure out her place and powers? Very MATURE content.

Erotica / Fantasy
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21, that's the age you are supposed to be mated, find that one true love that the Moon Goddess gave you and live happily ever after. But when has my life ever been normal. Being the middle child I was never as good as my older sister nor was I the baby. So I was kind of forgotten, add to it that out of my parents 3 kids (all girls) I am the only one with dark hair and dark eyes. My sisters are spitting images of my parents, down to the color of their wolves, long blonde curly hair, crystal blue eyes, their wolves beautiful light brown almost blonde fur and grey eyes. Me, well, straight dark auburn hair, almost a dark brown, and hazel eyes that change between dark green and dark almost looks black. My wolf is dark brown almost black and her eyes are white. I apparently inherited my traits from a long past relative, but it would be nice not to stick out like a sore thumb. My parents were great,they never abused me, they just weren't very attentive with me, I once overheard my father ask if I was his child or if my mother cheated. She cried and I cried, I'm hoping that's not the case but ever since that conversation when I was 15, my father kept me at arms length. That was 3 years ago, it hurt, I love my father and was a big daddy's girl.
The Alpha of our pack was old, wise , and kind, as was the Luna. This year he was stepping down and his dick of a son would take over. I was a little surprised to hear that he had found and apparently rejected his mate, some floozy from another pack. He met her while she was having fun with three of his warriors at once. I'm sure her not being a virgin didn't matter, since no one ever is, but the fact that she asked him "hey mate wanna join", well yeah that'll do it. That was 2 years ago. I
16, I was 16 when I stopped having a crush on the soon to be Alpha. His name is Jason, and like every other female I swooned when he walked by. Not that he would EVER look my way, he was a jock, I was a nerd and damn near outcast because I was different.
My crush came to a shuddering end when I realized how fucked up his friends were and how he refused to step up and stop the things they were doing. My best friend, my only friend at that time, had bloomed and wanted to flaunt since she was literally flat chested the year before. She caught the eye of one of the warriors to be, he raped her behind the bleachers and when she told Jason he didn't believe her. She killed herself a month after, he looked horrible but no matter how much guilt he carried he still didn't do anything. And I lost a part of my heart. So here I am 18 my last few months in high school, then I will be free!!! I will ask for permission to switch packs and go someplace other than here. My father still doesn't talk to me, unless he has too, but I've learned to live with it. My younger sister Cammi started high school this year so I drive her to school.
"Thanks sis, I'll ride back with Molly and her mom."
I smiled at her and headed to my locker. Over the summer my body finally decided to hit puberty, but instead of spacing it out, it decided that all at once would be better. I was minding my own business putting stuff in and taking what I need from my locker when I heard a growl behind me. I turn around to find Jeremy, another of Jason's jock friends, standing close enough to me I could feel his breath. Dana my wolf got excited and my heart dropped into my stomach as her words echoed inside my head.
Another growl, I looked into Jermey's eyes and knew why he was growling. I was being rejected here in front of everyone, his girlfriend glaring at me from his arm. I sigh, rolled me eyes and said
"Let's just get this over with, I Dahlia Celeste Clanton reject you Jeremy as my mate."
My wolf howled and tried to slink away but I told her to sit still and wait for me to explain. She whined but listened.
"I Jeremey Joseph Rockfurt accept your rejection and reject you Dahlia as well."
The words rolled off his tongue like her rehearsed them. I felt the pull to him snap and a slight pain in my chest. Jason didn't take his eyes off of me. Now I'm curious what he's gonna do.
I ignore everyone, turn and close my locker , and push past Jeremy and Jason to go to class, or at least I tried. My back to him Jason grabbed my arm and spun me to face him. I jerked my arm out of his grasp and glared. How dare he touch me, just because he is Alpha to be doesn't give him free reign over anyone!
"Where do you think you are going?" He asks, jerk smile on his jerk face, raising his eyebrows. Oh so he wanted to play a whore card, now that I've rejected my mate I'm fair game, but laughs on him because I will fucking kill ANYONE who lays an unwanted hand on me.
"What the fuck are you doing, don't you ever touch me again...EVER." I spit at him, watching the smile drop from his face, confusion, hurt, and anger replacing it. I stared at him for a few more seconds, my heart beating in my chest so hard I'm sure he could hear it, and then I turn and go to class.
That was 2 weeks ago, I have one month to go till I graduate, then I can go ask the Alpha to let me transfer. I was on my way to the locker room for gym, I hate gym, we do training after school so gym is basically girls getting dressed in skimpy clothes and the boys dressed in sweat pants as they watch the girls and unfortunately we have to have a specific gym uniform, like volleyball short shorts and a T-shirt that had to fit. So for those of us that had bigger than B cup boobs we had to deal with tight clothes. I hated gym. I change and go out with the other girls, pulling my hair into a ponytail. As soon as I'm done I hear the whistling and cat calls from the other side of the gym where the boys are. All the other girls except my friend Karen, who will definitely be the next Omega, were flirting with the boys back.
"They act like they don't see the same thing everyday."
Karen comes up to me rolling her eyes. I giggle and agree.
"You know, I've been hearing some rumors that Jason is on the war path for you."
We walked over and started stretching before making rounds in the gym.
"Uggg it's been two weeks, he just needs to get over it. I understand he is the next Alpha but for fucks sake, he can't stick his dick in everything."
She laughs looking at him and back to me
"No I think he just wants to stick it in you."
I look up and see Jason smile at me, the smile did not reach his eyes. It sent a chill down my spine and a flash of heat in between my legs. Why couldn't he drool over the other girls like everyone else?
We finished stretching and started our jog around the gym. Every time we passed by Jason and his friends Jeremy would glare and Jason would smile bigger.Finally we played Volleyball and I was glad not to have to look at him. After we played and got all sweaty I was asked by the coach to stay after to help clean up. I sighed but said okay, just means I'll get the showers to myself. I was busy picking up volley balls and mats that I didn't pay attention to who all left. That was a mistake
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