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Bloodlust—A Halloween Story

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Jackal didn’t mean to go to the party, but once he arrived, he couldn’t leave. Not once he’d been invited in. When his hunger stirs, he sets his sights on the fiesty brunette who doesn’t seem at all affected by his charms. After all, he’s just in a fancy dress, right? Wrong. And Anita has become his prey for the night… Anita was just a girl at a party, making out with a hot guy dressed as a vampire. Except something changes that night. All the things she thought were myths and fables prove themselves to be real. Very real.

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Sweets. Candy.
Whatever you called the sticky stuff that made your teeth stick together—the air reeked of it.
Tiny humans went out first—grabbing fistfuls of shiny wrapped sugar bombs destined to keep them awake way past their bedtime.
Then the big kids came out to play.
The adults.
Sexy witches were my favourite, but I wasn’t fussy.
My sister preferred the werewolves—only she went for the real deal.
I like to play.
And Halloween is the one night a year I can be myself.
As I strode down the street, my floor-length coat billowed around me until I stopped abruptly.
The house at the end of the street was alive with music and laughter, not to mention drunken humans, their only primitive senses dulled by the shit flooding their brains.
Again, it didn’t matter to me.
I just want to drink their blood.
I hate being a stereotypical vampire.
My first victim practically falls into my arms, and through her drunken gaze, she stares at my eyes, marvelling at my apparent beauty.
If she saw me in my natural form—ha—she’d run for the hills screaming.
But for now, I’m Jackal, the young adult looking to party hard.
“You’re tired already?” I mumble into her ear as she grips the back of my neck, trying to give me a drunken kiss.
No, love. I want your jugular.
Moving to the side of a house is effortless, and she giggled when I pinned her against the wall.
“I feel like I’m flying,” the girl stared up at the stars, and my fangs pricked at the sight of her slender throat.
“Count the stars for me, Rosa.”
The girl tried to focus, and I sank my teeth into her neck, sucking the goodness that was nature’s nectar.
Oh, the metallic taste sent me fucking wild. I’m moaning and sucking like a newborn, enjoying the torrential flood in my mouth.
Thank you, Rosa.
Rosa eventually falls limp in my arms, and I place her gingerly on the floor.
She’ll live.
If someone finds her.
The best thing about Halloween is that I didn’t even need to wipe my mouth. People don’t bat an eyelid when I walk past them, sucking the blood from my fingers.
I was drawn to the party, but I don’t know why.
I’d eaten.
I could go.
But whiskey…whiskey is good.
Cleanses the palate.
“You can bite me anytime,” a woman purred from her fake fangs.
“Sorry, love, just had my tea.”
She made a clawing movement at me, and I wondered why humans weren’t like this more often.
So much more fun.
Everyone was drunk, which made stealing the bottle of whiskey so much easier than normal.
I strode outside, settling myself by the trees at the back of the garden.
Popping the bottle top off, I watched with amusement as humans scurried around, trying to impress each other.
The ones dressed as vampires amused me the most—hissing at one another and baring their fangs.
Is that what they think we are?
Charmed, I’m sure.
What surprised me was the girl stumbling outside, waving off a guy dressed as a werewolf victim with annoyance.
“Just leave me alone, Eric.”
Eric better do as he’s told.
The girl was dressed as—sigh—a witch.
My favourite.
She even had a pointy hat with spiderwebs painted on her face. Her hair was shiny and dark, her skin paler than the moonlight that highlighted her.
“Come on, Ani. Let’s play the game, at least.”
The witch screwed her face up, scowling at Eric.
“I’m serious, fuck off.”
If she were a real witch, he’d be alight by now. Or he’d be a frog.
Eric muttered something under his breath, making his way back into the party as I studied Ani.
She was violently angry.
Humans got angry and did stupid things and ended up in prison or dead.
But this girl was too cute for any of that, and I regretted feasting on the girl earlier. Despite how pale she was, I had no doubt Ani would taste delicious.
“Fucking dick,” Ani swore, casting a glance back towards the house.
A velvet black dress and tights completed her outfit, along with a black choker that dominated her throat.
I mean, come on. Make yourself more desirable than you already are, why don’t you?
“Jesus! What the hell are you doing hiding out here?!”
Uh oh, she was addressing me.
Without missing a beat, I shrugged.
“Needed some air. Not a fan of parties.”
Ani tilted her head.
“Yet here you are, at the biggest Halloween party this side of Nottingham.”
“So it would seem.”
Ani tried to check me out, but the darkness hid me well.
Anyway, I’m covered in blood.
Hardly a sight for sore eyes.
“So, what did you come as?”
I guess it’s time to step into the light.

“A vampire.”

This story is only on my Ream!

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