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The Drifter in Disguise

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A couple picked up a drifter along an old country road unaware that he is an escaped prisoner with a secret plan of his own.

Erotica / Romance
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The Drifter in Disguise

It was a quiet summer afternoon on the farm for Richard and his wife Mary. They own and work on a small farm on the outskirts of Overton, P.A. Richard met his soon to be wife in church back in the Spring of 1998. Mary was 18 and Richard was a good 10 years her senior. Their 24 years together were indeed peaceful, but secretly unfulfilling for Mary.

She wanted kids early in life but Richard kept holding off, telling her to wait till they were more financially stable. After their farm was paid off, Richard kept giving her more excuses, one after another. In the past 3 years, they tried having a kid a few times, but Richard’s age has caught up with him. He hasn’t shown as much interest in sex despite the fact that Mary has an attractive curvy figure. She’s got a tummy, thick thighs, and has a very nice pair of 38DDD breasts along with an ass that slightly jiggles every time she walks.

After the chores were mostly finished and the crops harvested, they set out to town to get a few things from the general store. Richard drove Mary in his 97’ pickup listening to country music as they pulled into the parking lot. Once they got out and entered the store, they greeted the store owner who was their lifelong friend.

“What says there?” greeted Richard as Mary grabbed a shopping cart. “Nothing much Rich, just tryin’ to stay busy.” the owner responded. “Hey, uh listen. Did you hear about the breakout that happened in the prison not to far from here?”

Mary and Richard stopped and asked about the incident. “No, I don’t think we have. What did they say on the radio?” Responded Richard.

“Didn’t hear anything from the radio but CNN said there were 4 guys that broke out last night. Cops have been all over the place.” said the owner.

“Ahh that’s nonsense.” Replied Richard. “That’s all fake news. Mary and I haven’t seen a single cop since we left the farm, ain’t that right honey?”

Mary nodded as she let her husband talk to the owner while she got everything they needed. Once everything was paid for, they loaded up the truck and hauled it back to the farm. It was a good 25 minute drive back as they took the scenic route like always. About 10 minutes into the drive, Mary spotted a drifter on the side of a country road. “Richard honey, do you think he’s okay? What if he’s one of those prisoner’s that broke out and was in the news?” she asked.

“Mary, that’s hog-wash. He’ ain’t no prisoner, I mean look at em’. He’s not wearing the striped clothes like a prisoner and there were supposed to be 4 of them, ain’t there?” he responded. “And besides, that’s what the CNN fake news says. If there were 4 guys, they would be together. Splitting up would make it easier to get caught.”

Mary let out a quiet sigh and replied, “Okay, well do you wanna stop and ask if he needs help? It’s gettin’ real hot and he looks like he could use a hand.”

Richard was hesitant but then had an idea. “If he’s needing’ a place to stay for the night, he could help us with the farm a bit. Make it easier for us.”

Richard then slowed down and pulled up next to the drifter. “Whatcha doin’ in these parts bud?” Richard asked. The drifter stopped and glanced at Richard and Mary. He wipes the sweat off of his brow and responds “Well, to be honest sir, I was passing through town for work and I accidentally parked in a no parking zone. My truck got towed and I have to wait till morning to get it. I heard of a cheap motel along this road from the locals, so…here I am.”

Richard and Mary looked at each other and then offered him a ride to their place. They told him they could use some help on the farm but they would offer him a home-cooked meal and a place to stay for the night. The drifter kindly accepted. Mary then scooted closer to Richard and tucked her sundress under her to let the drifter hop into the truck. “Whatcha say yer name was?” Mary asked.

“Name’s Connor ma’am.” as the drifter greeted them with a handshake.

About 15 minutes later, Richard pulled up to the farm. They invited Connor into their home and Mary made him some refreshing sweet iced tea. After chatting for a few minutes, Connor helped Richard with the outside chores while Mary spent the next hour making chicken and dumplings along with some home-made pies. Once dinner was ready, she invited Richard and Connor inside to eat.

The next 30 minutes was nothing but silence except the sound of food being eaten. “Mary, this is by far the best meal I have had in years.” said Connor as he wiped his face with a napkin. Mary began to blush a little and thanked him. “Well thank you very much, eat as much as you like cause we will need yer help after supper. You are going to need the energy.”

With an obnoxious yawn, Richard interjected the conversation. “If it’s alright with you two, since I’ve done most of the heavy lifting today, I am going to take a hot shower and watch some tv.”

Mary asked if he could wait till all the chores were done but Richard insisted there wasn’t much left. “Honey, all you and Connor have to do is to clean the shed for a bit and that should be it.” Richard responded. Mary was annoyed but Connor intervened.

“It’s no worries Ma’am, I don’t mind helping. Plus your hospitality so far has been worth it.” replied Conner.

After cleaning up the table, Mary and Connor headed over to the large shed while Richard stayed in the house and relaxed.

Once they arrived at the shed, they began cleaning while exchanging small talk. After about 10-15 minutes Mary continued to talk to Connor until a static noise interrupted them.

“…..F…Frank, you there? Frank?”

“...Frank? Who is Frank?” Asked Mary. The drifter had a walkie talkie and had forgotten to lower the volume. “It’s just this stupid radio from work. I have it on the news but it just jumps from station to station sometimes.” he said.

“Oh, okay. I was gonna say, it sounded like a walkie talkie. You sure it’s a radio?” Mary asked. The drifter started to get nervous. He knew she was beginning to suspect that something wasn’t quite right. Very calmly, he casually walked over towards Mary without alarming her. “Yup, it’s a radio, it says so right here.” as he points to the lower part of the walkie talkie. As Mary focused her attention to where he was pointing, the static noise came back.

“Frank! Are you there? Have you been caught?”

Mary froze in fear as she knew the drifter was lying. Very quickly, the drifter grabbed Mary and pinned her to a wall with his hand covering her mouth. He knew there was no use in lying to her anymore.

“I’m here damn it. I thought you were going to reach out at 9pm?” said the drifter as he answered the call. Mary began to shake nervously but he reinforced her back on the wall while the walkie talkie relayed another message. “Sorry boss, one of the boys got caught. We had to change up the plan in case he rats us out.”

“Yeah…well I am safe for now.” replied the drifter. “Where are you two at now?”

“We are in a safe spot in town. No one saw us and we should be good for the night. What about you?”

“I am outside of town. I almost got caught but had to find somewhere else to hide. Lucky for me a beautiful lady and her husband were nice enough to take me into their place for the night. I should be good here as well.” Frank responded.

Mary was still pinned to the wall while Frank was still communicating to the other convicts, telling them his exact location. She then got very still of what he said next. “Listen… uhh, if anything happens to me or if you don’t hear back from me by tomorrow morning, you got the address.”

The conversation with the other escaped prisoners soon ended and Frank then turned off the walkie talkie. “I am so sorry you had to hear that…I just can’t go back. I hope you understand.” He said. Mary remained still and silent. Frank then carefully brushed part of Mary’s hair and leaned closer to her. “It was a god awful place and if you were there as long as I was, you really do miss out on life’s blessings. It made me really appreciate what I have been missing out on.” He continued as he began to slowly slide his hands down to Mary’s hips.

Both Mary and Frank were still in the large shed, about 100 feet from her house. Mary was nervous, trying to figure out a way to escape him. If she ran, he would chase her. If they call the police, they could risk their lives.

“No need to be scared of me. I don’t intend to hurt you. After all, you are the finest thang I have seen in years. I just can’t believe your husband did not give you any kids. I mean, if you were my wife… oh you know damn well I would have already put a few kids in ya.” Frank said as he slowly slid his hands across her belly. Mary tensed up as she was very uncomfortable. She wanted to scream for help but didn’t want to put her or her husband’s life in danger either. Before she could say anything to him, Frank continued.

“How many kids did you want?” Frank asked. “Tha…That’s none of your business.” stuttered Mary.

“My bad Mary, just by chatting with your husband earlier, I can tell you secretly resent him for not giving you what you want.” Frank continued.

“Wha…what did my husband say?” Mary asked. Frank then took a step closer as he pressed himself against Mary’s large breasts. “He didn’t say much, but I can tell he’s not giving you what you want.” Frank replied.

He then gently grabbed Mary’s hand and placed it on his crotch. The moment her fingers touched him, she jerked her hand back.

“I can give you what you want,” Frank said with an eerie smile.

Mary was still and her lips began to quiver as she knew what Frank wanted with her. “No, sir… I… I am married and…” before she could continue, Frank interjected.

“But not happily married…am I right?” he responded. Mary stumbled upon her words trying to figure out what to say. Before she could piece together a coherent sentence, Frank placed one of his fingers under her chin and tilted her head up to look at him.

“Get on your knees.” He commanded.

Taken back, Mary’s attitude shifted slightly and began to talk back to him. “Excuse me?!?!? You sir have no right to…” Mary then stopped mid-sentence as Frank held up the walkie talkie, smirking at her, reminding her of who was in charge.

“But I… I.” Mary stuttered. Frank then grabbed her throat and forced her down on her knees. Mary’s face was staring right at his bulge. He then slowly unzips his jeans while he continues to talk to Mary.

“You seem just as deprived as I am. No need to worry, miss. Just like your generous hospitality earlier, I will make sure I will take very good care of you as well.”

Mary was still trembling on her knees in front of Frank. As he fully unzipped his jeans, he began to unbutton them and slowly pulled his pants down. Mary immediately closed her eyes, trying not to see a naked man that wasn’t her husband. As Frank slid his shoes off and kicked his pants to the side, he then grabbed Mary’s hand and made her massage his protruding bulge from his boxer briefs.

“Si…sir! You are a pig! You are disgusting! Don’t you dare touch me!” demanded Mary as she jerked her hand back. Frank’s tone changed and immediately took off his boxer briefs. His large 9” clock sprung out and he then leaned over to grab Mary.

Listen here you little bitch, you are going to regret that.” Growled Frank. He then yanks Mary’s hair back, causing her to open her mouth wide. He position’s his extremely girthy cock right above her lips and tells her, “You fucking bite, your husband is dead.”

“Bite? What you mean bi…” before he could let her finish, Frank forcefully shoved the head of his large cock into Mary’s mouth.

Mary immediately began to squirm, fighting his large member out of her mouth, but Frank was stronger. He then grabbed the back of her head and forced more of himself down her throat. Her moans were muffled as Frank kept thrusting himself further down her tight throat.

“Fuuuck I missed this!” Frank shouted. He was about a good 4 - 5” into her mouth as he watched her squirm on her knees, slobbering on his cock. Mary’s eyes opened and immediately widened at the size and girth of what was being forced down her mouth. She tried to fight him off but still, he was too much for her. After a minute or two of violating her throat, Frank finally pulled himself out. Mary let out a gasp for air as she tried to collect her breath.

“You devil! When my husband finds out, he’ll kill you!” She shouted. Frank smiled and grabbed her throat again. He didn’t squeeze too hard, only just enough to weaken her breathing.

“You think so?” He growled. “Listen beautiful, your husband doesn’t give a damn about your needs. What makes you think he gives a fuck about you?”

Mary sat there in silence. She was full of rage and wanted to threaten him again but she couldn’t find the right words to respond to that. Soon, Frank kneeled down and grabbed the bottom sides of her sundress. “Lift up your arms.” He demanded.

“Why?” she asked. “You think you could just have your way with me?”

”You damn well know it.” Frank said as he aggressively began to yank Mary’s dress up. After struggling for about 20 seconds, Frank caught Mary off guard by yanking her dress to the side instead and then throwing her body on a blanket over a large pile of hay. Frank got a nice glimpse of Mary’s large ass jiggle as she landed onto the blanket. Before she could get up, he got right on top of her and pinned her down.

Mary’s sundress revealed her large ass she was face first into the blanket. He positioned his hard cock right behind her while he forcefully pulled down her panties. Mary was still trying to fight him off but he fought harder. Once her underwear was down to her ankles, Mary’s bare ass was on full display for Frank. He grabbed his large cock and guided himself to her sex. While putting a little pressure, Mary tensed up, prevented him from entering her. Even with her pinned down, she was determined to not let him fuck her.

“God-damn you are tight.” uttered Frank as he pulled back a bit. “Where are my manners? I should have known better than to jump right in. You just need some warming up, that’s all.”

Frank then grabbed Mary’s wrists and pulled her arms back. With his body weight on top of her legs, Frank lowered himself and began kissing the backside of Mary’s thick thighs.

“What…what are you doing?” asked Mary as she was confused. While kissing her thighs, Frank slowly began working towards her upper thigh, and then her ass.

“Get off me! You are disgusting! That is my…”. before Mary could finish, Frank made his way to her sweet spot. It started off as a light kiss but he quickly began licking her virgin pussy.

“Oh…oh no. What are you…get off me. Please!” Mary begged. She didn’t sound like she was in pain, however, she sounded more like she secretly enjoyed it. Frank continued to eat Mary out as he still held her arms back with her face down and ass up. His tongue slowly worked its way deeper into Mary’s tight pussy. Mary’s shouting soon stopped. Even with his soaked face buried deep inside Mary’s dripping wet cunt, he could hear her slowly begin to moan.

“Pl…please. I am…married.” whimpered Mary.

Frank stopped and gave her pussy one last long lick as he raised up from behind her. “Feel good, doesn’t it?” he growled.

Mary didn’t say a word. Her body was no longer tense as she was trembling from being eaten out for the first time in her life. Frank’s cock was still fully erect and was hovering right behind Mary’s plump ass. With Mary still pinned down, Frank lets go of her arms. He grabs his throbbing cock with his left hand as he reached forward to cover Mary’s mouth with his right. Right when Mary was about to turn around to see what he was about to do, Frank places the head of his cock right in front of her wet pussy and whispers to her, “I said…. feels good, doesn’t it!”

With one strong thrust, Frank’s large cock enters Mary. For the first time in her innocent life, Mary has finally been fucked.

She let out a loud yet muffled scream as his hand was still over her mouth. Her body was shaking. Mary never had a cock in her before, let alone a large one that wasn’t her husband’s. Because of how she was pinned down, her arms couldn’t push Frank off of her. Frank leans back, pulling most of his drenched cock out, only to lean forward and shoved it in again.

For the next few minutes, Frank had his way with Mary. She began to lay helplessly on the blanket as Frank violently fucks her doggy style. Her screams of pain slowly started to subside and moans of please started to come out. Every time Frank pulls his large cock back, it is slowly getting more and more soaked by Mary’s juices. And every time he forces it back in, her ass bounces right off of him. It wasn’t too long until Mary began to mumble something. Frank removed his hand to let Mary speak.

“S…something’s wrong. I feel…something.” panted Mary.

Her worry did not cause Frank to slow down. In fact, Frank reached over and grabbed her neck and turned her face towards him. “That’s my girl.” He says.

Frank covers her mouth again and quickly begins to fuck her very, very fast. Mary’s body begins to shake even more as her hands instinctively grab onto the edges of the blanket, bracing herself for what’s about to happen. Within a few seconds, Mary’s body froze. Her legs were twitching and she let out a soft whimper. Mary has finally came.

Frank felt her already tight pussy tense up as she reached orgasm. A drop or two of her cum leaked out only because Frank’s girthy appendage was still lodged inside of her. As much as Frank enjoyed feeling her squirt all over his cock, he slowly pulled out, letting all of Mary’s juices slide right out.

Her body quickly starts to relax as Frank removes his hand from her mouth. With smack on her ass, Frank leaned back and enjoyed the view of Mary’s ass shaking ever so slightly. He let her lay there for a minute or so to let her catch her breath.

“How about now?” Frank softly asked. Mary heard the slight sinister chuckle as he spoke. She knew what he meant. “I…am not…your girl.” Mary says with exhaustion.

Frank grabbed Mary and flipped her over on the pile of hay. He then grabs his fully erect cock and places it on top of her belly. “You sure about that?” Frank says as he grabs Mary’s wrists and pins them down to her sides. He then leans in and slides his tongue down her throat. Mary moaned with a sound of slight displeasure but she didn’t seem to be fighting him off.

“You aren’t putting up as much of a fight like you were before.” uttered Frank as he was still hovering over her.

“I…I am married. I legally belong to someone else.” Responded Mary.

“Well right now you belong to me.” Frank said.

Frank then leaned up and slowly began to pull up Mary’s sundress. To his surprise, Mary did not stop him. He then grabs his cock and places the head right against her sex. He pauses only for a second to look up and ask, “What? You’re not gonna stop me?”

“Why? You already got your way with me.” Mary answered.

“You know what I think?” Asked Frank as he carefully leans over Mary once again. “I think you actually want this.”

“Oh that’s ridiculous! What makes you think…”.

Without saying a word, Frank slammed all 9” of his rod inside her. Mary let out a loud moan while her hands instantly gripped the edges of the blanket she was on. Frank didn’t pull all the way back this time. He grabbed her hips firmly and immediately began fucking her even faster. Her large breasts bounced heavily with every thrust.

“Why aren’t you stopping me?” Frank said as he continuously fucked Mary.

Mary said nothing. Her arms were still by her sides grabbing onto the blanket and panting, just laying there on her back, letting a stranger have his way with her. With his hands still on her hips, Frank soon slid his fingers up and began feeling her breasts. And no surprise, Mary did not stop him. Frank slowly unbuttoned her sundress. Within seconds, Mary’s large 38DDD breasts bounced right out.

Frank slowed the pace only long enough to lean forward to get a taste of her wonderful tits. He noticed Mary had her eyes closed and was panting pretty hard as he was sucking on her nipples. “You like that don’t you?” whispered Frank.

“P…please. Don’t tell Richard” begged Mary. Her words brought a huge grin to Frank’s face. He kissed her breasts one more before placing his hands back on her hips.

“Oh…You have my word,” he replied. “Matter of fact, I will do you one better.”

Without missing a beat, Frank began to savagely fuck Mary much faster than ever before. Her legs began shaking uncontrollably and her chest was flushed from the intense fucking Frank was giving her. It wasn’t long until Frank felt Mary tense up again. He knew she was about cum.

“Oh!…Oh no! It’s happening again!” Shouted Mary.

Her legs buckled. With one long gasp of air, Mary had arched her back and climaxed. Her body spasm-ed as Frank was still burying his cock deep inside her.

As Mary peaked, the endorphins kicked in, putting her mind in a state of bliss that she had never experienced before. Her body was no longer tense, however, being dominated like that had made parts of her overwhelmingly sensitive. She slowly began to focus her eyes on Frank, only to see his eyes beginning to roll towards the back of his head. She knew something else was about to happen. With his lips trembling, Frank began muttering to himself and suddenly froze.

Mary’s eyes widened as she felt a rush enter her body. Frank’s grip on her hips tightened as he pulled himself deeper inside her. It was at that moment Mary knew Frank had came as well. She felt his warm fluids fill up inside her. Even though this wasn’t her husband, Mary felt guilty about secretly enjoying the fact that a man finally released himself inside her.

After pumping the last little bit of cum inside Mary, Frank’s body started to relax as well. He slowly pulled himself out to let all of their juices flow down Mary’s legs. Frank then stood up right in front of Mary. She quickly noticed his drenched cock and unconsciously stared at how something like that had entered her body.

“Enjoying the view?” Frank jokingly said as he began to stretch. Mary didn’t respond. she was still feeling that euphoric sensation from earlier. Frank then reached down, grabbed Mary and pulled her up onto her knees with her face right in front of his cock.

“Before I put on my clothes and we head back towards your home, your husband might suspect something if I walked in with a drenched stain on my crotch. You mind being a dear and cleaning me off?” Frank softly asked.

“I..uh…we don’t have any towels in the shed. I would have to get some in the house.” Mary responded.

“Oh I wasn’t talking about towels, beautiful. I believe your lovely mouth will do just fine.” he said in a sinister tone.

Mary looked at his soaked cock for a few seconds and eventually gave in to his command. She leaned forward and carefully began licking and sucking her juices off of him. After enjoying the feeling of her mouth on him, Frank then reached down one more time and tilted her head up to look at her while her mouth was full of his cock.

“Good girl. You eat up. We have big plans tomorrow and you will definitely need your energy.”

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