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Story of a Lycan King and a Female Alpha "I am an Alpha, Female Alpha. I have made many enemies only because I am a female. They say that, 'A female cannot rule'. They say, 'When she will find her mate, she will leave the pack to it's doom.' I never cared about what they said, I just moved on. I was going to prove them wrong." - Alpha Freya Ruth "I am a Lycan King, filled with pride and power. No one dared to challenge me simply because I belong to one of the strongest kind. No one defies me - I demand respect and that's what I get. I have been waiting for my mate my whole life and once I find her, I'll never let her go, My Queen." - Lycan King Darius Valentino "He was the first person that scared me - sent shivers down my spine. Made me do things I never did." What they both didn't know was that they will get someone who will test them and push them to their limits. . . . Blood was smeared on me and I growled in satisfaction. I turn towards Darius who had a smug expression on his face. He was waiting for me. I was his prey. My fight with him. . Remember guys, this is the first draft!! It's is not edited but feel free to point out my mistakes. Love you Wolfies.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Must read

Let's go through the drill once more:

. This book will have different rules.
. This book will contain Lycans - duh
. This book has the mate concept.
. This book have the heat concept.
. This book have Lycan King and werewolf Alphas concept.
. This book will also have the overpowering shit.


. This book will contain strong language.
.Foul language

. Smut


This story - as you all already know - is about a Female Alpha ( that is very rare and not very appreciated ) and a Lycan King ( that is probably the most powerful )


Lycans have erasthais.

They are life long partners which means, they cannot be rejected. They have a stronger bond than a mate.

Lycans are less in numbers since they are the most powerful creatures. They are usually in group/packs that consist of hardly 10 to 20 lycans or even less.

If one half is a werewolf or human, they will turn to lycans after they accept their erasthais.

The heat can occur before the female is marked.

Lycans value their erasthais alot and that is one of the reason that they were chosen to set the rules for the mate council.


The concept of HEAT in this book:

1. When a female is in her heat, her body will change. Her hips will widen and her butt and breasts will increase in size.

2. Her skin will be sweet - like a candy.

3. She will give off a very enticing smell which will attract the males that haven't found their mates yet. Only who haven't found mates - not the ones who have not mated but has found their mates.

4. Females will face heat 14 days after finding their mate. The heat will be five days long.

(Must read to understand the traditions)

Lycan traditions :

1. Erasthais cut each other's hair really short. Male will cut the female's and female will cut the male's.

2. The Lycan will mark the other half once the female's hair grow till just till collarbones.

3. The dominant usually marks.

4. Male offers female a piece of jewelry.

5. (Not a tradition) The werewolf counterpart will turn to a Lycan once they are marked.

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maidademarchi: Ein sehr sehr schönes Buch 😍Sehr spannende Geschichte !!!

jennarw: It was a lovely short novel

Kttn25: I love erotica but this story had an excellent plot, very suspenseful. I loved it!

⯌ΑΙΝδ: But it went to fast and we didn't really have enough time to get to know the characters, and witness other major events like for example when she found out she was pregnant.

Deniece: I love this book just wanted more, to him to get his sight, and there first pup.

BlueIvydoll: Great writing. Filled with romance, action, wolfes, slice of life and charathers that you fall in love with.

Kaari: I love the little details that don't make logical sense but seem to bring the story together to complete a circle that can't be broken. Alot of writers don't grasp that books are a freedom of sorts you can literally take it anywhere you want to. It's a real gift when the author is able to break n...

Kaari: I love the fact that these don't have to be long stories to really get involved with the story and the characters.

Kaari: I'm currently fighting a cold so laying in bed with all these characters to keep me company is perfection

Weitere Empfehlungen

odalisanais87: It’s so freaking cute!! Love it

Gordon: I like the flow of the plot and the character development. It keeps you interested and doesn't drag but doesn't jump around either.

magicalbeard916: The book is amazing. I’ve really enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

belu: me gusta mucho la manera en la que relatas todo, haces que uno se meta muchísimo en la historia, encontré en fic de casualidad pero posta que tranquilamente estaría siendo uno de mis favs hasta el momento!!! 🥹🫶🏼

Kaari: The return of vega is quite the unforeseen nuisance but I can't wait to find out how this family of misfits takes care of him just hope the baby makes it

Susanne Moore: Ugh I hate those bad and selfish people. Can't wait until they all get there butt kicked

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