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The Werewolf King’s Mate

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*MOVING TO GALATEA* After building a name for herself in the human wedding industry, Rory’s looking for a venue that will take her portfolio to the next level. When the werewolf king’s sister is getting mated, she wants nothing but the best and fails to mention the fact that the King is still looking for his mate. Naturally, the two worlds collide but are things ever really that simple?

Fantasy / Romance
Elle Chipp
4.7 94 Bewertungen

Famous Last Words


My hair is wet and I need to leave the house in the next 10 minutes if I'm to make it on time.

I knew I shouldn’t have gone to the gym but in my defense, this was meant to be my day off and the last thing I was expecting was to be handed a wedding for next week.

Next week!

I got the call all of 5 seconds ago and the client is wanting me over to her venue in the next half hour. At first I was tempted to turn it down, I mean, who wants to work such a last-minute job? But then she described the venue and the compensation which made it increasingly difficult for me to say no.

My business might be growing right now but it’s not there yet and a girl’s gotta eat!

So... this leaves me with either attending with no makeup, or dripping down the backseat of the cab due to arrive any minute now. Decisions decisions.

I still can’t believe that it was me that she reached out to, I mean, there isn’t a shortage of wedding planners in New York and it sounds like the budget doesn’t have an end.

It’s a dream of mine to land something like this to add to my portfolio and I can’t help but worry that it’s too good to be true. Briefs like these always are.

Sure, I’ve worked with plenty of bridezillas in my time, and I even talk the language quite well so I’ve been told, but what do I need to prepare myself for here?

It doesn’t matter, I can worry about this on the drive down but for now, I need to squeeze my ass into this skirt and drag a comb through my hair.

If I go light on the makeup, maybe I can pull my soaking-wet mane into a bun... that’s professional, right? I don't care, that's what I'm going for and if they don't like it, well, they can give me some notice next time.

*Beep Beep*

Shit, the driver’s here and I’ve not even got my buttons fastened. I'm hopping about on one foot, trying to gather the last of my things and promise myself to never again agree to a meeting like this.

I don’t care if she offers the world, it’s not worth walking out into the street in my bra.

Okay so maybe it is worth it.

Why on earth haven’t I seen this place listed before? I thought I had all of the hidden gems pinned down, or at least within a 20-mile radius, but this is something else.

I could imagine a princess getting married here and still finding nothing to complain about. The marble flooring is flawless, the natural light is extraordinary, and don’t even get me started on the decor! If I wasn’t about to meet my client I’d have gotten lost among the art in the entry hall, but luckily she found me just in time.

Arya is the definition of the perfect bride-to-be. Her manners are friendly and she’s so naturally beautiful that I find myself staring for a second when she first shakes my hand.

It's not that I'm attracted to her, unfortunately, women aren't my thing... but it's more that she resembles the statues carved outside, rather than the simple form of an everyday human.

When getting to know her more, I'm told that this place is her family home and the whole wedding is being bankrolled by her billionaire brother or something. I make a mental note to ask for an introduction as if I can list this place as a future vendor, it won’t just be me that makes a tonne of business off the back of it.

“Let me introduce you to my financé, Mike.” Her face lights up just at the mention of him and for a second I’m jealous of the love she must be feeling.

It’s surprising to feel that inside of myself as I’m usually good at keeping my emotions at bay. When you work with loving couples as much as I do, you get used to the sappy nicknames and quirky meet-cutes, but there’s no faking the passion behind her eyes just now.

Luckily, the groom is erm, well, let’s just say that he’s a less desirable customer. His hair looks unwashed, he’s sweating all over the place and I catch his eyes on my breasts for far too long to class it as an accident.

It depresses me to see a man like that with a woman like Arya but that’s none of my business. I’m here to give them the perfect wedding and that’s just what I’ll do.

Who cares if the groom is a creep? As long as the bride is happy, I’m happy and I can tell you that my bank account is about to be happy as well. Does that make me a bad person?

“Do you think you can do it?” Arya pouts in my direction “I just hate to have to dump this on you but my original planner, Harriet just had her baby a month early and your reviews were amazing online.”

I check the list over again (while mentally thanking my new website) before answering and fail to see anything impossible on the list of requests handed over. She's reasonable in her expectations and goodness knows she has the budget to make up for it.

"I think it will be perfect! Leave it with me." I give her my best winning smile and she squeals with joy.

I actually see myself enjoying this one more than most and as long as this Mike character keeps his distance, I'll be counting the days. What could go wrong?

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