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Alpha without a pack

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Zakarya is the son of an Alpha without a pack. The history of his family wanted it so. If the two generations that preceded him did not suffer unduly from it, he is itched by this instinct that has not been fulfilled since the beginnings of his existence. He will have to build himself despite everything, and keep this objective in mind. To become what he was meant to be, to honor what nature and genetics gave him. This work is protected by copyright. I prefer to remind that plagiarism is prohibited and punishable by law according to the intellectual property code. Thank you for understanding.

Fantasy / Romance
L. J. Rynès
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This book is the sequel to the “Rejected” story.

A second opus, in which I immerse you again in the universe of Louisa and Lisandro, as well as their family and new issues

We will focus mainly on Zakarya's.

Our young Alpha was born and raised knowing that his line does not lead any pack.

However, this Alpha gene, which is offered by nature, represents the strongest link in a chain. He who unites, he who watches, he who defends.

But when the chain does not exist… How to feel complete?
His family has always tried to fill this void, but is it enough today? And in the future?

Other questions will haunt Zak, and will represent obstacles, or doors… but he have to see them as such.

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nadianicolle: J’ai adoré ! Comme tous les autres. Fidèle à votre style, vos personnages, l’histoire est captivante. Une belle famille, vous avez écrit une belle Saga.

Janine: Der Schreibstil hat mir sehr gefallen, allerdings sind manchmal Satzzeichen falsch, oder fehlen komplett, dadurch verliert man manchmal leicht den Überblick. Aber ansonsten ist es eine sehr gute Geschichte.

Cath Camacho Sosa: 10/10!! Enamorada de esta novela

Jennifer Leigh Anne Ciliska: Wow!! Loved it!! Thank you for sharing your story with me

Phyllis: Please do an update on this story. I enjoyed your work.thank you

nadiakhanrn: I want to praise the author, but I'm falling short on words , all I can Sai is that I have really enjoyed this book , it has brought tears to my eyes & I don't cry easily

Ben: Ce roman est tout juste waouh, formidable.

Narges: Ich finde das Buch ist gut gelungen und war spannend abwechslungsreich und ich würde es auch anderen empfehlen habe buch gewählt weil es mir empfohlen wurde und der Titel hat mit der geschichte eingestimmt die geschichte war toll geschrieben Der tam klingt gut spannend und gruselig guter Titel

Audrey: Simple et agréable à lire. Parfois quelque peu répétitif mais cela ne gâche en rien l'histoire.

Weitere Empfehlungen

HexeEla: Bin gespannt wie es weiter geht. Hoffe es geht bald weiter.

Saraiud: Me ha gustado toda la trama de verdad que tienes un don con la escritura lo recomiendo a todas mis amigas kookminas

Aniana: Love this. Thanks for the share.

jassy925: The story was amazing and very well written. Lots of sexy parts that are enjoyable

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