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This is a short, erotic story. So it won't have alot of chapters. Kiana is a human living on earth 100 years after the change. She has signed up to be apart of a trio, two alien men for her and her alone. WARNING! ⚠️ For mature audiences only! 18+ ONLY This book contains mature themes, sex scenes, MMF scenes, MM scenes violence and things that may trigger.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Earth is very different now, I don't know personally but from the books I've read. Its been 100 years since the change. Earth started to die, very quickly and needed help, reaching out to the universe and a species of aliens replied.

They came to our planet and with their advanced technology they were able to reverse the damage done to our planet.

It didn't come without a price though, you see their female population had started to decline, drastically. The aliens and humans came to an agreement, any woman over the age of 18, willing and wanting would be accepted into a program that will determine who your matches are. You would be apart of a trio, a tripod.

Two alien husbands to 2 human bride.

It always intrigued me, I never had any of my peers sign up for the program and so I had no one to tell me what it was like. Once married the human female would nost likely go back to their home planet, "Corgon".

I wondered how it all worked, sexually. Were they built the same as human males? Did they have the same appendages? I knew they looked like human males, just different coloured skin. Most were blue and green but there was also shades of purple.

I had turned 19 two weeks ago and decided I wanted to sign up. No human males ever caught my attention and I had a pretty dull life here on earth.

I did my duties which were to make sure there was enough food for the village I lived in. Each village had a massive hall where we would gather to eat, have weddings and town village meetings.

It was my job to make sure everyone was fed, along with Jenna and Bridie. Us girls were close but they had husbands of their own now and Jenna was even expecting her first child. I didn't feel like I had anything worth while here.

Jenna and Bridie were shocked with my decision but supported me. Begged me not to be stranger and write whenever I could, I agreed pf course.

The day had come when I was being transported to the "Sorting ship" where us girls were checked over to make sure we were healthy and fertile to then be sorted into our trio.

I had said my goodbyes to Jenna and Bridie over lunch yesterday and finalised everything. I had also decided to put in my file that I would be more inclined to leave with my trio, back to their home planet.

I arrived at location that was sent to me in the mail and grabbed my two bags of belongings and walked through the gate. I could see a group of girls standing together, waiting. I stood next to a few girls and smiled when they looked my eay.

"Hey, I'm Krista! What's your name?" A girl asks.

"Hi, I'm Kiana." I answer.

"I'm so excited, but nervous as he'll too." She says.

"Yeah, me too." I say. My nerves are starting to get to me now.

"Hey, maybe we could be friends? Who knows, maybe my trio and yours are neighbours, ha." She laughs.

"Yeah, maybe." I say.

"Hello everyone. My name is Doctor Derrial, but you may call me Derrial." A blue alien male grabs our attention. His skin is a deep blue with eyes that glow gold.

"If you'll please follow me, well get you all strapped in for your journey to the Sorting ship." He says.

We all follow him on to a space ship were we take our seats and get buckled in. The trip is only an hour and then we are filing out of the ship and into another.

It's white and fresh looking, reminds me of the health clinics back on earth. We each get taken by a doctor to an exam room to make sure we are healthy and fertile. They use what looks like a wand to wave across me, from my head to my feet. A little beep sound echoes off the walls of the room.

"Excellent! You're completely healthy and fertile. Congratulations!" The doctor says excitedly.

"Um.. th.thanks." I say awkwardly.

I'm taken back to the main room where all the other girls are waiting.

The same blue doctor from before is standing infront of us, holding a binder this time.

"When I call your name please step forward and wait for the names of your trio to be called. Then, will be taken to the left here to sign your names, making sure everyone is accounted for." He says.

Before he can begin doors to our right open, revealing what I assume is our matches. Most are green or blue in colour with a few standing out with their purple shades. They all file jnto the same room as us and stand waiting.

"Callahan, Georgia." The doctor calls. A girl about my height with red hair around her shoulders steps forward and waits for her two future husbands to be called.

The doctor calls their names and two aliens step forward, one blue and the ither is purple. They are quite handsome, too.

Qfter a few more names it's Krista's name that's called, she gasps and claps her hands together, turning to me.

"Good luck, Kiana. I hope we meet again." She says and hugs me before running forward. The doctor reads two names and two blue aliens step forward, I see Krista's eyes widen and her face light up. She's very happy with them.

A few more girls names are called before finally, my name is called.

"Stevens, Kiana."

I step forward and wait for my two males. I'm starting to feel the nerves alot now, I hope this was the right decision.

I didn't have to wait long for my males names to be called and when they were I felt a shiver run through me.
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