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In the jungles of Yucatan Esmeralda finds herself alone and in search of a Christmas miracle. Unbeknownst to her, she's living in a world of wolf shifters, vampires, and mages. Unable to abandon the helpless human, her new friends sweep her away to Crescent Castle in search of a miracle. Cyrus Theodorus has just about run out of patience with The Moon Goddess who has yet to reveal his mate. When Grammy Lucy asks for him, Cyrus can't refuse a visit to his LaRue family Castle. What he finds is something unexpected that brings him to his knees. On the surface, everything seems impossible, but Cyrus is an Alpha who will leave no stone unturned to ensure a Christmas miracle. With snow swirling in the air and holiday festivities all around, there's no better time to win her love. From gingerbread houses and mistletoe to Las Posadas and La Bafana -Tis the season!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone,

Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating it today!! Though truth be told, I feel like I've been celebrating Christmas for the last few weeks because I've been listening to Christmas music, eating candy canes, sipping hot chocolate, and dreaming of sleigh rides at Crescent Castle.

Nevertheless, my family is expecting to see me today, and I sure could use a turkey leg and some pumpkin pie, so I will be taking a skip day today.

If you haven't looked at my Inkitt wall yet, go check out my inspiration board for this book.

Have a wonderful day, LunaPaulina

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Liz: Tolle Geschichte und total spannend. Bitte mehrere Kapitel...Mach weiter so👍🏻

Jennie: Spelling and Grammer, yes, needs fixed, but I understand it, and I am so into it. You said it wasn't perfect, but I'm hoping for more!!! I love it and can't stop reading it!!!!

Lilly2011: This book has some missing and misspelled words and some punctuatios that are in the wrong spot or shouldn't be there, but with that being said, if you can look past those, there were quite a few times I laughed so hard that I had a hard time breathing. There are some sad parts as well and one c...

Bam.jk8338: Estuvo bien redactado y bien explicito, eso me gustó

eishexe42: Das Buch ich wundervoll geschrieben es wäre schön wenn es eine Fortsetzung geben würde

Shakeicha Young: Omg what a story!!

Shakeicha Young: Really enjoyed this read!!!

Shakeicha Young: Loved this story

nightowl71672: Great book, great Author would’ve liked to have known more about his sister but otherwise it was a really great book And I will be sharing it!!!!

Weitere Empfehlungen

jjapes: Gelungene Story. Hier und da ein paar Wort und Satz Fehler-lässt sich aber dennoch flüssig lesen. Danke dir fürs teilen deiner Phantasie!

annemirl56: Gefällt mir sehr gut! Gut und zügig zu lesen.. deine Bücher laden zum entspannen ein.Danke dafür 🫶🫶🫶

Meegan: About to start book 4 omg I'm so so addicted to this series

DonnaRaw: I've really enjoyed reading these books and can't wait to read more. Thank you :))

Mharms: It is nice that it is a serial of stories, book to book. The storyline is fast moving through history.

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